When is the Best Time to Get out of Debt? When You’ve Had Enough!

When is the best time to get out of debt?Your Time Your Money


When is the best time to get out of debt? How about right now!! Have you had enough? Are you ready to be the master of your financial destiny?

I know it seems like a simple question with an obvious answer.  But I want to share with you some reasons why — if you were considering putting the task off — that your best bet is to get on this quest today and not tomorrow.

First of all, I want to give you an overview as to why the philosophy of not having debt is so beneficial:

You Will Not be Beholden to Money

Yes, you’ve heard that you won’t be a slave to the lender, and that is a very true statement. But that statement says so much.  I want to narrow it down to a single idea: when you don’t have any debt, you are relinquishing the power that money has over you.

YOU are managing your money and your money is no longer managing you.


No longer will the thought of having to chase extra work to pay off ‘whatever’ cross your mind

Are you living beyond your means?  We all have that tendency!!  But it doesn’t need to be that way.  You WILL increase your means when you get out of debt!  You’ll be able to make cash purchases and make better deals because of it.


You’ll begin to look at the power of your income in a different and more constructive way

THIS philosophy, my friend, is the one that will take you toward being a millionaire — no matter your line of work.  Or at least leave you well-off.  You are going to increase the power of the income you receive each week several-fold.  You will begin to save and spend like you desire.


You’ll no longer have that pain in your heart when you think about how much you owe

All of us wish we could do things with money that would benefit ourselves, our families and our communities. Finish the sentence, “If only I had some money, I would…”  Every one of us has a huge desire to help others less fortunate or organizations that are very worthy.

Or, even just to have a good time with our friends. “Hey, I’d love to, but…”  Ouch.  We’ve all been there.


Let Money Be Beholden to YOU

The time is TODAY for you to take charge of your life and your money.  You were not built to be in debt.

I believe that you were built to help make your family and your community better educated, well-fed, clothed well and better cared for.  You were built to work hard and play hard.  Don’t let the power of debt take these things away from you.



The top reason for getting debt-free NOW:  You’ll give yourself a raise because the power of your income will rise drastically.Living life on your terms

Here is another list of reasons, all of which make complete sense as the power of your income rises:


You’ll be able to save like never before. Time is on your side and you can take advantage of the magical power of compound interest


There’ll be no one harassing you to make a payment of any kind


You’ll be able to take much nicer vacations


There’ll be the kinds of furniture and things in your house that suit you, and you’ll owe NOTHING for these things


You’ll find financial peace. Your heart won’t be so heavy with guilt and consternation associated with owing people money


You can drive whatever car that you want and it will be PAID for


You’ll be able to show your children how to save and become debt free


There’ll be a supply of money that you’ll be able to give to those in need and to your favorite charitable organizations


You’ll be able to retire well, and be inspired in your retirement to live your life to the full!


Are there really any better reasons??!



Why Getting Out of Debt Today Makes a Difference

The best way to show you why today is the best day to begin your quest on being debt-free is this diagram:


Debt With Your Paycheck


If the dark line running from left to right represents time, you can see the majority of each paycheck is not going to you. It’s going to your debtors.  As time goes on, you have very little to spend and to save. Essentially having nothing to show for it in the future.  

You also have mounting debt in your future that will always be there to haunt and taunt you.


Who is getting all of your money?? Those whom you have decided to borrow from in order that you have a thing today.  Before you had enough money to get the thing.

You might say to me that your money is only paying back those folks for allowing you to get the thing in advance.  Well, wasn’t that nice of them!  The costs to you for making that decision:

  • The interest owed on the amount borrowed and added to the debt total
  • Your inability to enjoy and take command of your total paycheck
  • Your inability to spend, save and give as you’d like


Take a moment and stare at that graphic above.  You’re a slave to the consequences of each item in the above list.


Here’s a different graphic:


No Debt with Your Paycheck


If the dark line that runs from left to right is time, you’ll see that absolutely ALL of your paycheck is going to YOU.  As time goes on, you have an ever-increasing amount to save, spend and give as you see fit.


Notice you have NO debtors in the picture.  And you’ll have NO accumulated debt in the future.


How can you stop this cycle of slavery and get out of debt once-and-for-all-time? Read my article, “What’s the Best Way to Get Out of Credit Card Debt? It’s not a Math Problem“.


Join me! I’m debt-free.  It’s hard to explain the power you feel when you don’t owe a dime to anyone.  Trust me, you’ll definitely still get the things that you want.  You’ll have more things, if that’s what you want, and you will be paying much less for them.


How do you get to THIS point??  Is it reasonable to expect that you’ll have no debt or debtors in your future??

What about the house debt?  This debt is the last one for you to tackle, not the first.

There’s a tried-and-true formula that works for you to retire your debt.  Paying off the house is called Baby Step 6.  You’ll find more answers to your questions below.

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When is the best time to get out of debt? How about right now!!

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