What is the Definition of an Online Entrepreneur? Is That for You?

What is the Definition of an Online Entrepreneur? Is That for You?


What is the definition of an online entrepreneur? When I think of ‘entrepreneur’, I think of a self-starting person who wants to have their own business and call their own shots. In the online world, it’s now easier than ever What is the definition of an online entrepreneur? to begin that business and take control from the very start.

This is a person who understands that they want to build a business around the entrepreneur lifestyle. What are the basic goals?

  1. Freedom of Work Location
  2. Start and Manage with Low Fixed Cost
  3. Time Flexibility

Often referred to as Lifestyle Entrepreneurs, the age of the internet has created a new class of entrepreneurs – those who have learned how to make a living working online. The methods that these successful people have found vary, depending on expertise and the internet tools used, but there are some important common elements for you to note.

They Remain Debt-Free

These online entrepreneurs were or they got debt-free. Being debt free sounds nice, but let’s put some reality on it. What being debt free does is to drastically amplify the power of your income. The benefits to this become apparent.

Could you do this?

The power of your income can really be maximized and get you on the road to starting and maintaining your online entrepreneur lifestyle. Understand that I believe this is great advice in and out of business. Using debt as leverage is one thing – but no good can come from building uncontrolled debt as a means to personal freedom.

A related aspect to maintaining the debt free status is to develop a large emergency fund. This helps you pay debts and receive income in slow times.

They Live Life on Their Terms

Online Entrepreneurs have decided to structure the business around the lifestyle they desire. For some, this means long vacations and personal jets but that’s not what it always means. Some people are great family leaders and tie all of their personal freedom around family activities, care for elders or for their personal ministries.

Could you do this?

When you think of living life on your terms, don’t believe that is has to be a decadent lifestyle.

Living life on your terms is fully defined by you and your personality. As your plan your online business future, build the business around the lifestyle and personal freedom that you see as important to you. Don’t let the jet setting crowd determine your success, unless that’s the type of success you’d like to shoot for.

They Structure Success Around Their Lifestyle

Being an entrepreneur is hard work. Their hard work is laser-focused on the goals for their business and not the goals of someone else’s business. The same beneficial living-life-on-your-termsprinciple as becoming and remaining debt free apply here: the many hours of working for themselves have drastically amplified the power of their efforts toward their goals.

Could you do this?

See the advantage of being debt free to amplify the power of your income. Combine that with benefit of a laser focused effort in your working hours to drastically amplify your success.  Learn how to scrutinize and maximize your work time. This is the recipe for the independent life of the online entrepreneur.

They Copy the Style of a Success

If you research the stories of successful online entrepreneurs, you’ll read different stories as to how they’ve achieved their successes. This shows how many different ways there are to find this freedom. What works for one entrepreneur might not work for another, but successful entrepreneurs copy the style of a success.

Could you do this?

With 3.6 billion people and counting online, you’ll find very common needs among groups of people. Your goal as an online business person is to find this niche and market to them. This is the typical type of successful business that’s been built online over and over with much success.



So, How Can You Start Without Getting Ripped Off?

We’ve all done it. We sit here and read and think how marvelous it must be to be on vacation all the time with seemingly little work.  We glorify these people because we’re often jealous of what they’ve achieved. To top it off, we’re often really taken by all the reported wealth and glitz.

An then some online opportunity comes with shining lights and the promise that it’s all easy. We’re so gullible, we eat it up (read my post 8 Ways to Avoid the Scams Online). We see the logic that they put in front of our faces:

Pay a decent amount now with very little work, and you can become rich. Because we’ve got the formula, they say, and we’ve done all the work for you (does any of this sound familiar?)

For three easy payments, you make someone else rich while you’re taken for a ride.  Why is it so easy for some to take advantage of others on the internet? Because we are all emotionally swayed very easily, even in the face of having very little fact.


Do Your Research Before Opening the Wallet

I became an online entrepreneur when I began to realize that I had found a formula that worked for me. As many of us have done, I’ve been ripped off before, too, which also becomes a very good teacher. Don’t get me wrong: some opportunities out there will work, but they might have questionable moralities or require much more investment than is told up front.

I knew, that for me and for my heart, that I would have to find an opportunity that addressed all of these issues:

Could I have absolute freedom of work location? Yes.

I wanted to make sure that I could handle all of my content creation on my home computer and laptop, and be able to make adjustments and check up on anything online with my smart phone. If I’m away from home, I create on the laptop.

Would I be able to start and maintain the business for very little cost? Yes.

I wanted an online business that made it very plain up front how much it would cost me. I wanted a place where there were no hidden up-charges. The business wa_successful_business_120x600concept had to be so simple that I could see that I wouldn’t need to fork over money all of the time for whatever reason.

Am I going to be able to work the hours that I wish? Yes.

I need to make sure that I could create the content without any serious or unspoken deadline and do the business maintenance no matter what time of the day that I was available.

Could I accomplish the start-up without going into debt? Yes.

Whatever I found, the deal had to be that there were no hidden costs or no hidden gotcha’s where I would have to spend money later in order to win. The deal had to be that I could succeed with the money I started with up-front.

Could I maintain the business without going into debt? Yes.

See the above.

Will I be able to have a successful business, without the lure of jet planes and vacations to Tahiti? Yes. In other words, am I being taken for a ride and am I being given false promises? No!

I had to make sure there were overwhelming positive reviews. I know, that sounds impossible, but I wouldn’t do it any other way.

Can I ramp up this business in my spare time, then make it full time when I’m ready? Yes.

I had to make sure that I could be successful, whether I decided to remain part-time or to go and do it full-time. I needed assurances that I wasn’t being lied to that I could succeed part-time.

Am I able to visualize the success? Can I see that the plan is going to work? Yes.

I wanted to see a plan in place for my success (read my article What is the Best Free Website Builder? The One That Helps You Imagine). The plan that they offered wouldn’t work for me unless it was very plainly stated and that I could actually see how others were being successful.

The plan had to be simple and not complicated.


Is it Really Possible to Find all of This? Yes!

It really was possible for me to find everything that I listed in the paragraph right above this one. I just knew that this would be right for me, just because of this. The ‘stars were aligning’ as they say. You know the feeling. But that’s just me.

The thing that finally won me over was that these were people who truly cared about my success and the success of everyone in the community. And the method I was given to succeed was to be helpful and to serve people.

I found Wealthy Affiliate (read my full review) to fill all of these requirements. You need to find out and do the research to see if this could be true for you, too. The reason I just knew that it would be right for me was a combination of things: I am a prolific writer, and so I would fit right in. What I discovered, though, is that a person didn’t need to be a prolific writer, just someone who wanted to write. There is no rush, just the opposite: slow and steady wins the race.

Plus, the plan was proven to work over and over again with much success and little or no $. I found that there was literally nothing for me to lose to find out if it worked.


Get More Info

Would you join me there and see if it’s right for you? Click the Wealthy Affiliate link or the banner above and to the right. I’d sure appreciate your comments below on how you feel about the online entrepreneur lifestyle.

Let me know if I can be helpful in answering any questions you have.


Steve Cass at createwealthonline.comAbout Steve. 

A working guitarist, guitar designer, songwriter, worship leader and online entrepreneur, I have discovered that the key to online success (and success is more than money) is simply to focus on helping people be successful.


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