What is the Best Place to Buy a Domain Name?

What is the best place to buy a domain name?


This is the first post in this series of three. I hope I put to rest any possible confusion regarding domain names and website hosting and how these things fit together. siterubix-logoFor those of you who are interested in total website solutions, please read this article first. This is important baseline information.

The next post in this series is about why SiteRubix is the new way to create a free website in the 21st century.  A great majority of people need a website, whether for a hobby or for a business reasons.  Dancers, artists, gun enthusiasts, guitar players, baseball card collectors and entrepreneurs of every kind need a way to express their expertise. In the case of entrepreneurs, you need a way to monetize your site. You can join with two FREE websites or explore the possibilities with having up to 25 sites hosted there.

The final post in this series gets into the technical aspects of moving websites: Move A WordPress Site to a New Host. It that article, I’ll take you step-by-step on how SiteRubix makes it easy to transfer your free site to your new domain.  I’ll also get into how to move any WordPress site into SiteRubix.  I won’t fill the air with techno-babble, I promise.  I’ll also talk about transferring domains to SiteRubix. If you haven’t found any answers, please leave a comment below or contact me via About / Contact page.


What is the Best Place to Buy a Domain Name?

So you’re ready to create a website, whether it’s for a hobby or something you love.  Or maybe you’re creating one to start a business. There are many choices out there.  How do you make the right choice?  When you begin deciding about building your website, you also have to start thinking about getting the right domain name.

I have something here for the seasoned website builder and for the new website maker / blogger. This article is going to concentrate more on the baseline information of starting the web host process.  If you’d like to, please skip ahead to SiteRubix: The New Way to Create a Free Website in the 21st Century.


Two Separate Steps: Getting a Domain and Getting a Web Host

Buying a domain name and getting website hosting are two separate steps.  But you can usually accomplish both of these steps at the same place.

The best place to buy domains is going to be answered when you’re armed with a little knowledge of how the domain name and web hosting packages tie together.  Domain name? Website hosting?  Aren’t they the same things?? Nope, they’re different parts of the puzzle that have to be answered together.


Start by Understanding Domain Nameswordpress-website-layouts

When you understand the basic structure of how domain names and web hosting works, you’ll begin to clear up a ton of confusion.  The answers will help you see your next steps more clearly.

You get a domain name separately.  Then you point that domain name to the name servers of the place where you want to have your web hosting.  Let’s clear this all up and solve the puzzle.


What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is an internet user-friendly code to find the address of other computers on the internet.  Createwealthonlinetoday.com is converted into a series of numbers and letters that are literally an internet address.  When you type in the website name, your computer is sending this code out on the ‘net literally asking the highway if there are any matches to this code out there.

This code travels from your computer, to the front gate of your internet access company (now you know why your high speed internet access company is known as an internet gateway).  Your gateway provider sends the query onto the highway, literally looking for a handshake.

If your query matches the internet code of a published page out there on the highway, that page is sent back to your computer so you can see what it’s all about.


What Does it Mean to Buy a Domain Name?

When you talk about purchasing a domain name, you’re purchasing the right to own a user-friendly code name.  You can purchase the right to the name from a domain registrar company.  You can secure the use of the name for a period of a year or more.  You can set up automatic billing so you are always charged when the bill comes due so you never worry about losing the rights to the name until you’re ready to let it go.

So the first step is thinking about the name that you want.  You can research domain names to see if someone already has that one or whether it’s available for you.  You can do this for free at many places on the web.

What Does it Mean to Point a Domain Name to a Web Server?

Domain names need to be pointed to name servers, the internet gateway servers, of your web hosting company.  For example, I purchased this domain name, createwealthonlinetoday.com, from a domain registration company known as Domain.com.  But later I decided to begin hosting all of my websites at Wealthy Affiliate. So, I had to go to Domain.com and tell Domain.com the name servers of Wealthy Affiliate’s web hosting computers, which are 

It’s not any more complicated than that, but there’s a better way.  There’s an easier method, and I want to show you how you can get that done. That will come in the next post in this series: SiteRubix: The New Way to Create a Free Website in the 21st Century.

But please keep reading.  There’s more to know about web hosting.

What is Web Hosting?Smartphone with App Icons

Web hosting is just that:  a place that will host your website.  It’s a place that has numerous server computers that host many websites at one time.  But what a web host company is NOT is a place to buy domain names.  Oh, but they ARE, you say.  Yes, that’s because EVERY webhost aligns itself with a domain name registrar company.  And their advertisement for this company goes hand in hand with the web services they are trying to sell you.

When you purchase web hosting, one of the first pages that you’ll come to is one where they will ask you what domain name you want to use.  They will ask if you want to search for an available name or whether or not you already own the name.  So, the first thing they want is to align this web hosting package that they offer to a domain name.  If you don’t already have one, they’ll make you purchase one on the spot.

With SiteRubix, you can begin building your website for FREE:  Free sub-domain names and free webhosting for those sub-domain names.

What’s Next?

Is Your Domain Name Available?

Some people buy domain names and then don’t align them with websites.  They just like collecting useful website names they might possibly use in the future. Nothing wrong with that.  They’re storing up great website names because they research these names and find that they are often great keywords. See a post that I wrote called What is a Keyword Search Tool? for more information.

What’s nice about that is that you could buy the name separately so you can secure the name now, even if you’re not ready to pay for webhosting.  Many web developers have been doing this for years, with the domain names stored at separate companies and then aligning them yet even more separate web hosting companies.xxxx

There’s a Better Way

In the past, you had to purchase domain names from a separate company and then point that domain name to another separate company that handles your web hosting.  Even though the experience seems like you’re dealing with one company, you are actually dealing with two.  And two customer service portals.  That’s really the way that it still works today for all web host companies out there EXCEPT ONE.

Now there’s one company that does it all for you.  They not only take care of all of these details, but they offer many other nice things associated with domains and webhosting, such as privacy, for FREE.  So many others competitors offer SOME of these items for a premium charge.

A Domain experience has never before been so seamless.  And the interface is very clean, very helpful.


Get More Info

What’s the best place to buy a domain name?  Siterubix.com. Read my full review of Wealthy Affiliate to begin understanding the company behind the platform.

Visit them today and let me know if you agree!



Here’s a great and straight-forward article about the domain process written by the co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate, Carson.

See the next article in this series – SiteRubix: The New Way to Create a Free Website in the 21st Century.

Do you have experiences you could share here about finding domain names?  Please tell me below.


It’s never been easier and more user-friendly for the average web developer like you and me, as well as the seasoned professional.  Please share this post!



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    Starting your business online needs focus and further research. From domain names, Keyword research, Content, Product development, and more. If you are planning for an online venture, People should start as soon as possible or their domain names might not be available. This post certainly hits the spot. If people wants to own a domain, crazydomains.hk is giving free .ASIA TLDs with free professional email.

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      I’m glad you came by today. There is definitely thought that is needed when beginning an online business. Every online business needs to research the best possible domain name that might attract customers and be ranked well. But you also hit on another very important factor: keyword research. If you’re interested, please check out my post What is a Keyword Search Tool?

      Thanks for your input.

  2. Owain


    Thank you Steve for explaining domain names and web hosting. Sounds to me that it would be easier to sign up with one company instead of two separate. It can get complicated that way so this would be a better option for me.

    I will be looking forward to your next post about siterubix as I am eager to start a site like this.

    • Steve Cass


      Hi Owain–

      You’re right, it is so much easier to go with one company. Not everyone speaks this language, and it can get confusing very fast. Or even if you do speak some of the language, there are always questions. And how much better is it that you find a company that has so many people in the wider community who are willing to help give you a leg up.

      Thanks for stopping by, and I appreciate your comments. The next article in this series is now published.


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