Copywriting: What is a Freelance Copywriter?

What is a Freelance Copywriter?

First, here is what a copywriter is NOT: It’s not about a person who understands intellectual property law, for things such as alearn copywriting copyright. CopyWriting is completely different.

The basic definition of a copywriter is one who writes copy for the purposes of marketing and persuasion. A copywriter learns to become a leader of a niche market in order to show those people interested how to connect with products, ideas and information.

A freelance copywriter is a person who writes copy to make money as the owner of their business as opposed to being employed by a company doing the same.

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Is Being a Copywriter for You?

Maybe! In most cases, my answer to you would be ‘yes!’ If you love writing, then the answer is definitely yes. Even if you don’t necessarily like writing, you might say yes once you understand the benefits.

In either case, once you understand the basics of persuasive writing, you’ll be able to create copy that is compelling. You’ll learn how to create copy that comes from understanding how to best serve the people of your niche. Or, you’ll learn how to create copy that best serves the company which hired you.

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What Does a Copywriter Do?

A copywriter writes copy for a vast array of marketing needs. Think of how much copy needs to be written for a single product:

  • Sales letters for direct mail
  • Case studies that show the benefits of the product
  • Email persuasion marketing
  • Demo Videos (yes, a script is written)
  • Catalog or online sales page
  • The labels on the product
  • White paper reporting on what the problem is solved by getting the product
  • Testimonials
  • Social Media, print and online advertising

…and more

Oh, here’s a big need: Web page optimization and SEO copywriting.

The list goes on. There is a huge need by companies for those who understand how to create compelling copy. Every company that is in the marketplace for any reason: products, services or raising money requires good a copywriter with a great understanding of persuasive writing. This is how they tell prospective buyers of their competitive edge and the reasons to buy.

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What are the Benefits of Learning Copywriting?

Here is what this opportunity is NOT: this is NOT some get-rich-quick idea, but rather a work niche that has a very limited number of masters. It is an art that few truly understand.

It doesn’t have anything to do with weird website posting … or some kind of multi-level marketing scheme or chain letter thing … or placing ads … or reselling products after you buy a ton of them.

This is a very serious opportunity to learn a highly marketable and lucrative skill that – once you have it – can put you in highThe Writer's Life demand. Business people recognize these rare skills … skills that can provide a 5 or 6-figure income!

Success is never automatic. Nobody will do it for you, as you will have to prove that you want to learn. You’ll need to know what elements go into every successful promotion letter or website page, and you’ll have to make the effort to show that you can be effective.

There might be a benefit for someone to learn the ways of copywriting and then be hired by a company, but the benefits of becoming a freelance copywriter are far greater, in my humble opinion.

Trust me, I know. I have started down this path, and am excited to keep you up-to-date with my progress! One thing that I have learned is that regardless of my future with writing copy, the persuasive writing skills gained are priceless for any future writing that I do.

Once understood, the door is wide-open for creating your own opportunities. The door is wide-open for you to find the benefits of the writer’s life.

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Final Word: Opportunity

I see copywriting as an opportunity for anyone who enjoys writing, and I am taking advantage of this. This is an opportunity to live the writer’s life and to be in charge of my own destiny as an online entrepreneur. The benefits are immediate to me as one who truly loves to write. I can see how well I can improve my skills in retaining readers.

The benefits of learning the core principles of persuasive writing are transferable to any form of writing.

The possibilities are there. I am beginning to understand just how huge the demand is for companies large and small to hire persuasive writers for writing marketing and web copy. There are so many small businesses online that will benefit in a huge way with my new skills.

Since I am nearing retirement, my idea is to become a freelance copywriter to supplement my income. What is the goal with your writing? Tell me below.

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