What is a Free Keyword Tool? The Search Engines!

What is a Free Keyword Tool? The Search Engines!

Search Engine Tools


What is a free keyword tool? You guessed it, Google. The search engines combined with other keyword tools provide the data you need to plan your writing and to plan your monetizing strategies.

In the article What is a Keyword Search Tool, found at this site, we talked how important having a keyword tool is so you can make a difference in your number of readers.

In a quick recap, anything that a person enters into a search engine is a keyword. Whether that’s a single word or an entire question. We also talked about available keyword tools and the intro on how to use them.

The tools available in the article above, as well as all of the keyword tools in existence, get their data from the main search engines. The keyword tool authors are just adding their own algorithms and secret sauce to provide you with results that you otherwise couldn’t see with a regular search from a search engine like Google.

So, learn to take advantage of the FREE keyword search tool that search engines offer you!


What’s the Difference Between a Keyword Tool and the Search Engines?

The difference between a keyword tool and the search engines is that the tools provide data on the searches and the search engines only provide words.  And the the search engines provide something extra that is very, very helpful. We’ll talk more about that something extra below.

After you’ve used a keyword tool to find the keyword or long-tail keyword that you’d like to use, you take that keyword or phrase back to the search engine keyword tool to find even more relevant keywords in your niche.

You need both tools.

For our example, I am going to use the free keyword tool available to Wealthy Affiliate members.


Our Search Example – “t shirts”

Wealthy Affiliate Search Tool 1

Keyword Tool Definitions

Searches is the average total amount of searches for the term by the top search engines over the previous 30 days.

Traffic is the amount of hits that you would most likely receive if your website was at the top of the search.

Competition, the most important factor of all, is the number of websites in the search that use the exact search term. The “View Result” link will open a new window with the result.

Article Power is the likelihood, on a scale of  1 – 10, that your article will be ranked in the search for this term. This really depends on the true competition and the quality of the competition. But, the higher the number, the better for you.

PPC power is how a paid ad might fare in this search.  Similar to Article Power, the higher the number, the better for you if you’re using this term with a paid ad. The lower the number might indicate that you could be better off finding a different search term.

Dig is simply a link that will take this key term and form a new search around this term, giving suggestions below it that relate to that term.

As you can see, this is a pretty powerful tool!  There is a good amount of important information here for us, but at this point we really only care about Traffic and Competition.  These are the most important when finding if we have a good chance at ranking for the term.

Wealthy Affiliate Search Tool2


Our Search Example Numbers

The term “t shirts” has a large monthly traffic number.  As you can see, the competition number is 373…

Very popular search term! Generally, to consider using it we’d like to see traffic over 300 and competition below 100.

(QSR stands for Quoted Search Results. This is a way of determining the true competition).

The results show that “t shirts” has great traffic, but intense competition.

And besides, you’ll notice that the Article Power number is only in the 7’s. The more the search term is grammatically complete and correct, the higher the Article Power number.

We don’t necessarily care about the Article Power number nearly as much as we care about being grammatically correct.  When you are grammatically correct, the search engines can rank your title and your content according to your keen sense of writing relevant content to that title.

Remember that being grammatically correct and having quality, relevant content and being helpful reigns supreme! Content is King and Queen.

Okay, what’s next??


Expand the Term and be more Specific: t shirts for men


Wealthy Affiliate Search Example



All right, we’re getting closer. We’ve got Traffic way above 300 and Competition is 179. This is pretty good.  You could go with this term, but there is some definite competition that would make me think.

No matter what, you really need to have good user experience content and excellent word content and grammar. You know all that. To even have a chance with this term, you’d have to beat out a ton of websites. With your good composing skills, you’ll beat out several sites that aren’t as good as you are.

With all the factors that the search engines consider for ranking, the only thing you have control over is the user experience items mentioned and show that you’re being helpful in your content.

So, you can go many different directions with this search term. You’ll want to think on it and experiment more.

But let’s go further and turn our term into a long-tail keyword.



Expand the Term even More: long sleeve t shirts for men


Wealthy Affiliate Search Example1


Ahhh, see, now we’re getting something.  We have Traffic on this term at 201 and Competition at 72. It’s not necessarily our ideal of a Traffic number of 300, but this doesn’t mean that the search is bad.

After all, there are SOME people searching for this term. This could be good…

The idea is to drill down and find a long-tail keyword term where you have a good chance of ranking higher in the search when you find competition under 100.

The higher the Traffic number, the higher the chances of clicks.


Remember, it’s not all about numbers.

It’s about creating a great user experience (website graphics, sufficient white space, great summary section headers, etc.).  Our keyword or key phrase is telling us what the viewers are searching for, hence, we respond by giving them the best audio/visual experience so they’ll stay on the page.  

But it’s good to increase your odds by paying attention to the numbers! It’s just that numbers alone won’t do it.

It starts with creating valuable, relevant, readable content and the visitors will come. Google says so.


Take the Keyword Back to the Search Engine

Now that we have our basic long-tail keyword and we like the numbers associated with it, we take it back to the search engine.  We can now find associated keywords that can help us decide where to spend our energy in creating related articles.

Google populates the search request with other requests that people have made as you type (that is the something extra that I spoke of above!).

There are some seriously good suggestions when we put the phrase back into the search engine! Now take them back to your keyword tool and see if you can rank with some of these terms!!  

You will see the most intriguing entries all by adding a single modifier word, often ‘with, to, for, on’, etc. Try different words in different positions.

Let’s take just one of the suggestions and see…


Wealthy Affiliate Search Example2

Traffic 11, Competition 7. Yes, you’re pretty sure to rank for this search term. It’s not a jackpot of traffic, but traffic adds up with all of the articles that you write. And when you rank for the search term, you also are ranked for all of the words in that term.

We’ve only scratched the surface of possible searches!! What about Women’s, or SHORT sleeve or black or tie-die, or…

I think you’ve got a great picture on what to do next. 🙂 Just remember that the more you extend the keyword, the less competition you’ll have to rank for the keyword.


What’s Next?

The combination of the website tool inside of Wealthy Affiliate (my full review) and your favorite search engine will make your keyword search sessions very pleasurable! You can see the power that the tool offers.

The value of the Dig feature is priceless.  Learn more about the Dig feature and how you can use this entire tool for free by visiting the Wealthy Affiliate link below under More Info.

Learn about how you can build your own website for FREE, an article on this site, right now.


More Info

I want to invite you to find out more on how you can increase your skills using these simple search techniques.  The lessons to be learned at Wealthy Affiliate can be found nowhere else on earth.

It’s a literal goldmine of this type of information. The community of content experts available to you is staggering, and they are more-than-willing to share their knowledge base with us.

Join WA for 0 Dollars

It’s as simple as using the search engines that are available to anyone coupled with knowledge from a complete library of training that includes videos, blogs and podcasts.

WA was founded by two guys that you can contact and receive coaching and guidance from, Kyle and Carson. They are active in the community everyday and are there to interact with you inside the forums. Or send them a private message.

This is the beginning to your new-found freedom of starting your own website and learning how to create FREE, natural traffic. The true beginning of it all is seeing the possibilities from what is a free keyword tool: the search engines!





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A working guitarist, guitar designer, songwriter, worship leader and online entrepreneur, I have discovered that the key to online success (and success is more than money) is simply to focus on helping people be successful.


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