SiteRubix: The New Way to Create a Free Website in the 21st Century

SiteRubix: The New Way to Create a Free Website in the 21st Century


In the previous article in this series, What is the Best Place to Buy Domain Names?, I hope I put to rest any possible confusion regarding domain names and website hosting.  Please check out that post if you’d like to read what the differences are.  For those of you who are interested in total website solutions and have no need to go back and understand any of that, this next section here is timely information.


This post is about why SiteRubix is the new way to create a free website in the 21st century.  Many people need websites, whether for a hobby or for a business.  Stamp collectors, artists, photographers, dress makers, musicians and entrepreneurs of every kind. You can join with two FREE websites or explore the possibilities with having up to 25 sites hosted there.

There will be one more post in this series: Move A WordPress Site to a New Host. In that article, I’ll talk about how to SiteRubix makes it easy to transfer your free site to your new domain as well as how to move any WordPress site into SiteRubix.  Plus, all you need to know, and nothing more, about transferring domains to SiteRubix. If you haven’t found any answers, please leave a comment below or contact me via About / Contact page.

SiteRubix: The New Way to Create a Free Website in the 21st Century

The Most Secure Web Hosting Service

What is SiteRubix? It is the most secure web hosting service available anywhere in the world.  It is a hosting environment strictly optimized for WordPress websites and created by Wealthy Affiliate. There are many people concerned with the bombardment of hackers and spammers out there, and rightly so.  I am here to tell you of a mighty solution.

As they say, some people just like watching the world burn.  SiteRubix has a large hand in making sure this doesn’t happen to their clients.

SiteRubix offers the best security package of any web host company in the world.  Here are a few examples.

WordPress optimized servers

This solution provider hosts WordPress websites and only WordPress websites.  It has taken great care in understanding the security vulnerabilities inherent with WordPress and has installed a security package that cleanly gives the boot to those who try to hack into their servers with well known attacks on this website platform.  They monitor their servers 24/7.

SiteRubix defeated  27, 195, 900 attacks in 2016.100percentprotectionfromspam

When running a WordPress website, such as the one you’re currently reading or any other kind, the owner should be keenly aware of other attacks that are tried through contact forms and comments and take appropriate precautions.  However, it is completely unnecessary to install any sort of security plugins when running a WordPress website with SiteRubix.  

100% protection from spam.  Have you ever heard that from a webhost??

The security package eliminates sophisticated blunt force attacks toward the backend of their websites (the backend is the servers where the websites reside), and they obliterate the attempts of spammers as they enter known links and keywords entered into comments on the front end of websites (the front end is what you see).

They have your back 24 hours a day, seven days a week and get right to the bottom of any suspicious activities found.

There is full redundancy within the server system and daily backups of all websites.

Definitely, learn to backup your websites.  But should the worst occur for you or for them, SiteRubix has you covered. Should the worst happen, SiteRubix has automatic backups of your web sites.


A New Way of Doing Business

As I mentioned in the previous article, the purchase of domain names is separate from the purchase of web hosting. Yet you need to integrate both.  SiteRubix now handles both, without the need for you to jump through hoops. They handle all technicalities behind the scenes.

SiteRubix still has the capability of being a separate webhost for you, though, even if you have your domains with another company.  You simply go to the company that hosts your domain names and tell them the name of the SiteRubix name servers, and

I cover that in more detail in the next article, Move A WordPress Site to a New Host.

SiteRubix also has the tools available to you to transfer domain names from other registrars to SiteRubix.


Don’t Other Web Hosting Companies Do All That?


SiteRubix is a one-stop-shop where you can purchase domains as well as purchase web hosting.  This is something new in the world of web hosting. Not that you haven’t seen other web hosting sites that offer domain names, but SiteRubix offers a truly seamless experience and directly manages domain names as well as web hosting under one roof.

The typical experience with web hosting companies is:

  • Catch you with a low price web hosting offer
  • Either make you purchase or offer you a free top level domain name (.com, .net, .org, etc.)
  • Begin upselling domain privacy and other things to you (see more about that toward the bottom of this page)

The new way of doing business with SiteRubix:

  • Offer Wealthy Affiliate University membership
    • But NOT as a contingent to you receiving two FREE websites!
  • Offer that you begin with FREE sub-domain names
    • Don’t possibly waste money deciding right on the spot what your top level domain name should be
      • Do your research for the perfect name WHILE you’re building your website
  • NO upsells
    • Domain privacy, unlimited email accounts and premium domain name servers are always FREE



But you don’t have to purchase a domain name in order to get two free websites up and running with SiteRubix. AND you’ll be able to transfer your free websites to your new domains when you are ready!  Let’s break that down.

  • You don’t have to purchase a domain name from them in order to get two free websites up and running.
    • This is accomplished because SiteRubix offers free website names for your use (as long as those names haven’t already been taken) AND free hosting.  These are technically known as sub-domain names (
  • You’ll be able to transfer your free websites if you decide to purchase new domain names.
    • SiteRubix wants for you to be able to transfer all of your work seamlessly and easily with a push of a button.  When you’re ready, you’ll be able to move your entire free website to your new personal domain. You’ll see a Move button that will transfer your free site to your new site.  Or, you can just start over with writing content on the new site.  That’s completely up to you.
    • We’ll walk through the Move process in Move a WordPress Website to a new Host and will also cover how you can physically transfer any WordPress website to your new domain.


SiteRubix not only offers both domain name hosting and website hosting, but so much more.  They provide the only true one-stop platform for web hosting in the world.

Why is SiteRubix the best platform for web hosting in the world?  Because of the services they offer that you will not find at any other web host provider. Let’s discover each area.


How Websites and Web Hosting Companies Should Be Built

Not only is SiteRubix offering a unified business model of managing domain names and web hosting, but they are offering the complete suite of maintenance services for your websites.  Not just maintenance is offered, but a full service community of internet marketing experts and advice is built in.






Site Manager

Automatically log in to your websites, using encrypted usernames and passwords.  Same encryption when using FTP.

By the way, there is no cPanel login.  cPanel is outdated and far surpassed by this interface.  All you need and more is located at this management hub of your web host.

See the 8 ways that Site Health is monitoring your site (shown at right) to help assure that you site is healthy when all of the major search engines audit your posts.  Know what they expect to see and how you can help make and keep your site healthy for growth.

Email accounts:  You can create unlimited email accounts and email forwards as well as retrieve the SMTP settings for each email name.




Site Builder


Create your WordPress websites from over 2200 FREE templates available.  Create the sites from free subdomains at or from domain names that you own at If you select Register a domain, see Site Domains below.




Site Commentssitecomments1

Request comments from the hundreds of thousands of Wealthy Affiliate associates in the community.  This tool is completely dedicated to you receiving comments ON your website pages and posts, FAST. Visitor engagement is one criteria that search engines look at when it comes to judging your site for trust.  You have approval rights, and the comments are automatically posted to the pages on your website that you have requested.

No ‘pats on the back’ here.  No quick ‘Nice job!’ posts.  There is a filter that requires that each comment is unique and helpful.



Site Feedbacksitefeedback

Request and receive constructive feedback from the very large community of successful internet marketers.  This community really understands what it takes to build successful sites that draw traffic.  This tool is also designed to work hard to give your very timely, very MEATY feedback that you can use as you develop your sites.  Again, no ‘pats on the back’ are going to make it through.  There is a filter that requires that the feedback is effective, specific and unique.

You’ll notice the statement, ‘earn 1 credit’, on both SiteFeedback and on SiteComments graphics to the right.  This is because the system is designed to work within the community in the ‘pay it forward’ manner.  You review and give comment, you earn a point. It takes two points in order for you to request comments or feedback for any of your own pages / posts!!



Site Supportsitesupport

SiteRubix and Wealthy Affiliate support staff is on duty 24/7 to answer your questions or to direct your question to the appropriate place in the large community database.  You can choose to post your question to the community at large as well.  The responses are always very prompt.

Apart from this feature, yet related, is the VERY helpful search engine that is at the top of every page at Wealthy Affiliate.  You can read about or discuss in a live forum any subject on internet marketing that you can imagine.




Site Domainssitedomains

SiteRubix has hit a homerun with this feature.  Not only can you search for and purchase domain names (.com, .net, .org, .info, .tv and all of your favorite top-level domains) but you can fully manage them and integrate them with your websites. If you have domains hosted elsewhere, you can get the information to point them to the SiteRubix domains.

You can also transfer domains to SiteRubix.  All this and more done on a single, incredibly helpful, web page.





Everything is Included

One Flat Price

As a Premium member, you’ll get all domain features at the most cost efficient price found anywhere in the industry:All included one flat price WA domains

  • Email accounts
  • WHOIS protection/privacy
  • Domain security
  • Advanced DNS and management

These features are always “add-ons” and cost extra with other domain registrars, but they are included at no extra cost at Wealthy Affiliate.



The most affordable and predictable domain experience on the web.



Zero UpsellsZero Upsells WA Domains

All Your Domain Needs in One Stop.

Each and every domain includes EVERYTHING you need, including:

  • Full access to emails.
  • Full privacy and domain protection.
  • Full email accounts included with each domain
  • No worries as far as being sold various upsells or being charged more in subsequent years like other domain registrars.
  • All in one place, all in one price.

All services included with every single domain.


Compare WA Domains to the Industry



The Verdict

It’s quite clear that SiteRubix (the Wealthy Affiliate web and domain manager) is head and shoulders above and past the competition.  Not only can you succeed with FREE websites, world class security for your websites, FREE domain privacy protection, unlimited email accounts, premium Domain Name Servers and NO upsells, you get incredible customer service 24/7 and absolute expert industry education on internet marketing.


Even if you’re not in the market right now to build a business, this is by far the best cost-effective and savvy way to get your website up and running for your hobbies!


Find your perfect domain name with the clear industry leader today.


Get More Info

Start with two free websites using and purchase your own domain when you’re ready. Then you can completely transfer your free website, at a the push of a button, to your new .com/.net/.info./.tv any time you’re ready!!



Secure your two FREE websites right now!




Join Wealthy Affiliate and SiteRubix today for $0!


Read the final article in this series of three posts: Move A WordPress Site to a New Host.

Please let me know your thoughts today and place questions below.  I’ll gladly be here for you.


This is an exciting era for web developers, seasoned, or average like you and me.  Please share this post!



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A working guitarist, guitar designer, songwriter, worship leader and online entrepreneur, I have discovered that the key to online success (and success is more than money) is simply to focus on helping people be successful.


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