Move a WordPress Site to a New Host

Move a WordPress Site to a New Host


The first post in this series, What is the Best Place to Buy Domain Names?, talked about domain names, website hosting and what to expect.  Please check out that post if you’d like to read what the differences are and if you would like to have more info on how web hosting companies operate in general.


For those of you who are interested in total website solutions, the previous article talked about why SiteRubix is the new way to create a free website in the 21st century.  Many people need websites, entrepreneurs of every kind, or for hobby websites for your horseback riding club, your card playing team, a calendar for your kid’s activities, and on and on. You can join with two FREE websites or explore the possibilities with having up to 25 sites hosted there.

This article is going to dive into the facets of how to Move A WordPress Site to a New Host.  We’ll talk about how to move websites into SiteRubix, plus general WordPress website moving tips.  I’ll also cover how easy it is to move your free SiteRubix website to your new domain, as well as moving and purchasing new domains. Enjoy. If you haven’t found any answers, please leave a comment below or contact me via About / Contact page.



Move a WordPress Site to a New Host

Moving a WordPress website is different that moving a non-Wordpress website.  When moving a non-Wordpress site, you might get the job done by downloading all of the different types of files and then re-uploading them to the new web hosting computers. While on the surface this sounds easy, it is not. There are many moving components, such as the need to create the exact same file folder structure and then emulating the content of those files completely so your site doesn’t become broken.  The image files also need to be exactly in the same folder structure from the old to the new or you’ll see a bunch of squares with the dreaded red x in them.

It can be done, but there can be some heavy pain and time involved.  Some web hosts have done this for others in order to gain the customer’s business.  I’ve had it done for me by a webhost.  I was grateful! Larger web hosts have the ability to copy and clone large amounts of data, whereas the average person does not.

Moving a WordPress website from one host to the next is a bit easier of a prospect.  The WordPress file folder structure is a beautiful dance of hierarchy and consistency.  You can depend on it when it’s time to make the change.  The basic file structure is always going to be the same, but different themes treat the file structures a bit different differently. So this will be the variation you might see when transferring.


Tools to Get the Move Done

All in all, though, the experience in moving one WordPress website to another host should be fairly smooth.  Here are two ways you can accomplish this, and both involve the use of a plugin:

  • Utilize a plugin, such as WP Clone

You can use WP Clone to copy the entire website, and then re-upload it elsewhere.  There are other plugins that do this sort of work, but they don’t copy all of the image files.  Also, know that you can export all of the files, except media, from a tool already installed in each WordPress website.movingdata

There are other plugins available, but each have their limitations.  Here’a link to a short blog by one of the experts at Wealthy Affiliate discussing exactly this.

  • Use the full site backup and restore plugin known as Dropbox Full Backup to not only backup your full site locally, but have the backup stored to any Dropbox account that you control.  Now you can take this complete Dropbox zip file and recreate any WordPress site on a WordPress frame.

The Dropbox plug is a very complete copy and cloning plug in that professionals also can use to help their clients in moving WordPress websites.

So, if you’re currently not utilizing the WordPress environment at SiteRubix, you can learn about and use one of the above methods to move your WordPress website to the SiteRubix environment, whether that is to a SiteRubix sub-domain ( or your own domain (

I have been told that SiteRubix is working on a way to more automatically transfer outside WP websites to their environment, but I’m not privvy to those discussions!  Let’s just say that I’m sure that there are many security and web-technical concerns involved.

I believe that if SiteRubix wants to have the ability to transfer outside WordPress websites to their environment, they will get the job done.  I will most definitely update this article when I know it’s coming.



Move Your Free Website to Your New Domain

SiteRubix takes all of the pain away. There is no longer any angst about your site being broken in the transfer, or the sinking feeling in your gut that all of your hard work is going to go down the tubes.  The Wealthy Affiliate crew is behind you to make sure that you have a seamless transition.

Transferring is done all automatically, at the push of a button.  Should any difficulties occur, SiteSupport will be with you to help you get the job done.

Before the push-of-a-button transfer step, you first have to manage your domain name. Go to (the SiteDomains tab):


  • Register your new domain name with Wealthy Affiliate.  Three ways to do this:
    • Search for a new domain and add it to My Cart.
      • Go through the cart process: add your contact info and pay for the domain.
    • Transfer a domain you own to Wealthy Affiliate.
      • If you own a domain name with another domain registrar, go there and ‘unlock’ the domain.  After you take this step, you’ll be able to come back here and go through the Transfer Domains to WA step.
        • In order to transfer the domain, you will need to get a transfer code from the company that hosts your domain.  You’ll find this code among your domain settings.
    • Point a domain registered elsewhere to the WA names servers ( and
      • Go to your domain registrar and update the domain info with the WA name servers.  This will also require you to ‘unlock’ the domain.

If your domain names are registered elsewhere, you can then go back and ‘lock’ the domain information (this is a security step so that unscrupulous types can’t change your domain information).


Transfer Your Website at the Push of a Button

Now that you have your domain name secured and pointed to the WA servers, you can begin the transfer process of your free website to your new domain (from to

  • Go to (the SiteManager tab)examplewebsitesiterubix
  • You’ll see your website technical and health information, like the badge for you see at the right
  • Click on the Move button



Option 1: Transfer Your Site to a New Domain

When you click the Move button, you’ll get a pop-up that gives you two options. If you select To A New Domain, it takes you through the new domain registration and adding it to the cart routine.

But, it won’t take you to the SiteDomain page, the options just continue to pop up on this same screen.

You could have accomplished this step in the Domain Registration paragraphs above, however if you hadn’t, you can accomplish the same tasks here.

Registering your domain name, and all of the associated tasks, are more easily accomplished from the SiteDomain tab.  It’s good, though, that registering a new domain is offered here.  To seek a new domain and register it with Wealthy Affiliate are very easy steps to go through.

If the domains are registered elsewhere, you need to go to the SiteDomain tab to accomplish that.



Options 2: Transfer Your Site to an Existing Domain

If you choose To an Existing Domain, a box will pop up so you can choose any existing domain that you have registered with Wealthy Affiliate.  As you can see with the image on the right, I am about to move to the domain.

If I had actually done this, all of the created pages and posts at would now be found at  For example, if I had created a page called Test Page over there, the new way to find it on the web would be at


The red circle in the image on the right is the exclamation point on the previous paragraph. Not only are the page and posts that were created automatically redirected to the new domain name, but any internal link that you created (e.g. ‘see my previous post HERE’) will automatically be redirected to your new domain!

So you will not have to go through all of your new website to update your links.  It’s all done for you!  Nice!!

When you’re ready, hit the I’m Ready, Move My Site! button to finish the process.  If you are choosing a new domain or an existing domain where there is no current WordPress theme installed, your new website will carry the theme of your free site.

If you happen to choose a domain that already has an existing WordPress theme installed, the files will install on the current theme.  If it installs on a current theme, you may have to make a few edits to get the site looking like it used to at the old free sub-domain.



I Have a WordPress Site I Want to Move to SiteRubix

If you have a WordPress theme website that you’d like to move to SiteRubix, you would want to first prepare for your move. Prepare for the move by making a copy of your website by using the information in the paragraph above, Tools to Get the Move Done.

Prepare by securing your domain name at SiteRubix, whether it’s a new domain name or a transfer.  Next, install the exact them that you want.  Maybe this is the exact theme that you currently have at the other webhost.  But maybe this means that you’re ready for a new theme.

Install your new or existing theme at any of your registered domain names.  Next, utilize the method(s) you’ve chosen in the Tools to Get the Move Done paragraph above to install the information from your previous website.


Get More Info

Consult the Creators of Wealthy Affiliate

Always be sure to consult the experts at Wealthy Affiliate. You can go there right now through the previous link and be taken to the WA home page and then quickly view the beautifully designed home page tabs that fully describe what they do.  Or, you could read my review at this site.

Thanks so much for reading. If you have any questions at all, I’d be glad to help, so leave a comment below. And maybe another commenter will be able to give you the information that you need, too.

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