Monetize Your Site – How Can I Make Money Online and from What?

Let Them Eat CakeHow-To-Make-Money-Online-On-The-Internet-in-2015


Making money at internet marketing is a reward.  Learn to monetize your site in a way that serves your followers. The result of your hard work is the payment that you deserve.  In the end, the money comes because you’ve paid attention to fulfilling the needs of people.

Money isn’t the goal, serving your customers is the goal. Money comes to you because you’ve earned it.  The question in everyone’s mind is, “how can I make money online, and from what?”

There are multiple ways of getting income from internet marketing, and some of those ways could include you being a pest to others.  With some methods, you’ll be interrupting the lives of people without the thought of actually delivering something of any value.

The age-old marketing tactic of making people aware that they have a need, when they really don’t, is scaled up beyond absurd on the internet.

Don’t take me wrong:  there is plenty of marketing on the internet that is just going to happen, no matter what I or anybody else think about it.  And I’m not here to judge anyone or any method.  And creating unseen needs is just a smart way of doing business (it just has limits, in my book).

…with a Clean Fork

I’m here today to tell you of a method of learning how to market on the internet that works, called Wealthy Affiliate.  Why does this method work?  Why am I telling you that it’s for real?

Because WA exists to show people how to make honest money on the internet.

It Works Because it’s Simple. Because it’s Real. Because it’s Organic.

It’s a very simple formula:

  1. Build a Niche Website
  2. Create Helpful and Relevant Content
  3. Get Traffic and Rankings
  4. Monetize Your Site


The tools are prepared for you.  However, the results are up to you.  You’re not going to read or see any hype about how easy it’s going to be.  You ARE going to read stories from people who really work hard and smart to achieve their internet marketing goals.

This is what makes Wealthy Affiliate real.  The site is full of education, from the very basic to the very complex, in the world of helping you to make you successful in the world of internet marketing.

The site is very real and transparent…and unique…because the owners of this very large company are in the trenches with you every day.  You have a question?  Shoot it off to Kyle.  YouOnline Marketing1 need some understanding?  Carson will answer you and point you in the right direction.

You will rarely see any statements saying someone made $10,000 in one month in their first few months, or whatever the time frame.  That sort of vocabulary is bunk, or at minimum very rare, and you know that’s true. What you WILL hear at WA is that making that sort of money is not impossible, with time and with patient building blocks.

It’s not at all impossible to earn your living as an internet marketer.

And people have actually made that sort of monthly income at Wealthy Affiliates.  Some want to make extra income, some people want to quit their day jobs. It’s all doable.

Read a post and some inspiration from a guy who broke through the barrier.

I’m in the bucket with those who are making extra income. I’m a guy who is going to retire in a few years and I am sowing seeds for the upcoming years.


Monetize Your Site

The fourth pillar of creating the strong foundation of your internet business is learning how to make money from your labor.  You have, and you will continue to, create excellent content that is always helpful and always relevant.  Don’t think that you need to become some super writer, just share.

Share your mind and heart about the niche that you’ve created.  Become the communicator and educator of the niche that you represent. Importantly, become the authority in that niche and people will find you. How? They are going to search for your relevant content. And the search engines are going to place your content in front of people.

You’ve learned the ways of creating traffic and gaining search engine rankings.  Keep tweaking your content so you are on top of this aspect.  All of the sudden, it’s all going to come wa_successful_business_120x600together and you’re going to see the fruit of your labor.

Scale your business to whatever level you want, following the basic formula of the four pillars above.

  • The sky is truly the limit, just do what you’re doing
  • There are millions of products on the internet, and there will be plenty that will be relevant to your niche

Or, you create a niche around a group of products. The idea is that there are many, many ways to make money on the internet

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Selling your own products

Just do what you do.


Keep it relevant.  Design sites to please a group of people, not yourself.


You Deserve It

So, ‘Let them eat cake’. You eat the cake.  With a clean fork. You earned it, or will earn it, because you are learning that the answer to internet success is serving a need of a set of people.  You’ll figure it out!


The KISS Principle

Keep it Simple S____.  The last ‘S’ stands for me because I didn’t find this place sooner.  Oh well, there is a season for all, and it wasn’t my time yet.

Please remember the formula (and each will have a link to go to the page on this site):

  1. Build a Niche Website
  2. Create Helpful and Relevant Content
  3. Get Traffic and Rankings
  4. Monetize Your Site

Keep it Simple and Work Hard – You WILL Succeed!  This is the Wealthy Affiliate method.  This is exactly the training model of WA.  The training follows the model, and dives into richer details as you progress through the Online Entrepreneur Certification course.


Get More Info

Find out for yourself.  You can join for free and understand exactly what will all cost you.  Trust me, it’s not a lot of money even if you do decide to become a full member (although this sort of statement is always relative).  And you can stay as a free member and remain successful for a long time, if you choose.  If you become interested in the full membership, take advantage of the $19 first month offer.

The unofficial mantra of WA is ‘Slow and Steady Wins the Race’.  This statement is said in many different ways in Kyle’s training modules.

To find out the difference between the Free membership and Premium membership, see this chart.

Your comments are important to me. Please place them and questions below.  And please share this page today.  All the best to your online adventures!



Steve Cass at createwealthonline.comAbout Steve. 

A working guitarist, guitar designer, songwriter, worship leader and online entrepreneur, I have discovered that the key to online success (and success is more than money) is simply to focus on helping people be successful.


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  1. sarah



    I like your article, it’s honest and to the point. Being an affiliate marketer myself I totally relate to what you said about earning the money you deserve. With the incredible amount of scams online people tend to believe earning money is quick and easy… when in fact it takes time and hard work.

    But anyway… I wanted to ask you if besides selling affiliate products (or your own products) you had tried monetizing your website with google adsense (or similar).

    If so, did you find it easy to implement? what about the earning potential?


    • Reply

      Thanks Sarah! It’s so uplifting when we’re actually involved with something that not only makes us money but helps us grow! I guess the scheisters of the world believe people to be doormats which can be trampled upon without consequence! It’s a reap-what-you-sow world out there, and if they laugh all the way to the bank, it’s usually short lived.

      But we’re talking about sustainable growth, you and me, the kind that takes hard work to nurture and see the fruit of labor down the road.

      I haven’t tried Adsense yet. I’ve been with WA for only a month and have two websites up and running. This one, promoting WA (which, by the way is ALREADY on page 2 of the search engines just for the url alone!!), which I’m seeing to start climb already, and a site that sells guitar accessories. I’m just creating content for that site now, and that model will be promoting multiple products via multiple affiliates. I’m excited about that one!

      Alas, I’m a newbie at WA. But I’m already seeing such large potential for the effort.

      All the best to you today, Sarah!

  2. carl


    I really enjoyed this you have hit the nail on the head, the part about people talking about scam’s out there. I have to lesson to that since I started looking for a way to make money on line. I Hope I have made a good decision coming to WA, Hope to see ya there and good luck

    • Steve Cass


      Hi Carl–

      I think you made a great decision coming to WA, no matter if you make a small amount or a living. I’m coming to trust this experiment because it truly can be a measure of the time invested. Time will tell for sure!

  3. Dorsey


    I love your review of Wealthy Affiliate. I have wasted so much money on other programs and have been let down. Everyone has probably been in my shoes, you get caught up in the hype and you say “This course is different, I can feel it”. Then it lets you down. Excellent review. Nothing beats good old fashion content creation.

    • Steve Cass


      I know! It seems like seeking opportunity on the internet requires that we all waste the time and money to finally find the good. It’s so easy to get caught up in the hype. Thanks so much for posting.

  4. Brenna


    Nice work on presenting the wonderful gift that Wealthy Affiliate to so many of us. I really like how you shared up front that money isn’t the goal but it;s all about serving your customers. I think this article will be very helpful in guiding your readers who want to build a business online but don’t know where or how to even begin.

    • Steve Cass


      Yes, Brenna, so true! We so many writings on the internet that quick money leads to happiness. When the angst of not making quick money sets in, it makes us even more jaded toward what actually might work out there. Like Wealthy Affiliate! Serving the customer as #1 seems to be a lost art. Thanks for reading.

  5. Matthew Thomas


    I agree with you 100% that the focus of any website should be to help people. If you can successfully do that, then the money will follow. There’s a lot of truth to the saying an experienced affiliate marketer told me years ago: “By focusing more on selling, you will actually sell less”. Everything needs to be done with the reader in mind: providing them with quality information, making tasks easier, and the list goes on and on.

    • Steve Cass


      You, my friend, have a good understanding of what it takes. Money has to come in second place, or it will rule your motives. Much is the same in the rest of life, in my humble opinion. Thanks for coming to the site!

  6. Chris


    Great read mate – I like the way you’ve zeroed in on the point of monetizing your site in a way that serves your followers.
    Sometimes I get fed up of sites that plaster adverts everywhere that ruin the user expereince – more and more newspaper sites are tending to do it these days! An interesting offer you cover here with the WA….

    • Steve Cass


      Thanks, Chris. Really glad you enjoy the read. Serving readers is so important with the content. You’re right, it gets pretty sick to just see a bunch of flashing adverts. It does ruin the experience, but I think it also takes away from the content. It really is a part of the content itself!

      I have other interesting articles about WA here at this site, and if you’re interested, visit this page to learn more about starting a free Wealthy Affiliate account.

      Thanks for stopping by and reading,


  7. Chris


    This certainly sounds a lot different from the marketing courses I have come across online recently – there seems to be some sort of ‘route’ with this one…some sort of substance!
    You say you are making extra income online from this platform – how long did it take you to get to this point?

    • Steve Cass


      Hi Chris–

      The income I am making as of this date is small, since I am new at this. But the seeds are being sewn for more. Here is the basic timeline:

      If you can find a niche (and a niche by definition for marketing is a specific group of people with a need or needs) and give full-time devotion to building your site and you follow Kyle’s formula, as well as the other information you’ll find from the experts at WA, you can begin seeing income in 3 – 6 months.

      This is going to vary depending on:

      How much time you’ll devote to learning and building your site. If you can only give one hour per day, it will take you longer to realize any income. People have been known to give up too soon thinking that ‘they’ve done all that they can’ when time and patient building blocks is what they need to succeed.

      Me personally, I haven’t been able to devote as much time as I would like, so I’m probably behind the timeline of better income.

      Whether or not you follow the formula. Some people give up too soon because they think they know better than the plans listed! Until a person is in this for a while, it will be difficult for you to learn your own path without first following a winning path.

      If you spread yourself too thin: This is exactly what my problem currently is. I have three related niches, but I am learning that it’s much better to concentrate on one to get started. The bottom line is that spreading myself too thin dilutes my success timeline.

      Kyle found initial success in 3-4 months of full-time effort. That is the formula he is presenting. The bottom line with all of this: let time be your ally. There is a misconception that you plug in this internet marketing formula and it just ‘takes off fast’. What it really takes is slow and steady and consistent work. The reward is future automated income, not quick gratification.

      I hope your day is good!


  8. jessie palaypay


    I have done affiliate marketing for quite some time and I realize that it is a lot of hardworking and upkeep as far as creating content is concerned. I already know that its going to take at least a few months before you see results. Some people get it quicker and others at least 6 months. One thing I know is that Wealthy Affiliate has been totally honest with me in this regard and it is an excellent system for those who are willing to work at it.

    Is there a high attrition rate in this field as a lack of results? I have yet to see it in my time as a member of Wealthy Affiliate.


    • Steve Cass


      Hi Jessie

      Because you and I both know this is not a get-rich-quick thing, you and I both realize that it has to be about the passion of delivering top quality content. It really needs to be about recognizing and fulfilling the needs of a group of people and being willing to sacrifice time now for fruits of labor realized later.

      I think that you’re right. Wealthy Affiliate goes out of its way to make sure that we realize there is work involved but at the same time is completely willing to give you all of the tools in order to make sure you see some cash down the road.

      Wealthy Affiliate is the only one-stop shop out there that I have seen that gives a hoot about me and my success online. Just because I or anyone spends a good amount of time monetizing a site doesn’t guarantee any results. It’s all about creating that rich, rich content and delivering it to the right set of people. Delivering the content willy-nilly to the internet crowd is the wrong way to go, and WA knows that and shares how to get past that.

      I don’t think I could put a number on the amount of people who give up vs. make a dent towards seeing money. But just as is any other aspect of finding success, the real reward is going to be for the person who sees their plans through.

      So many people begin without really grasping the big picture, and that’s ok. We all start somewhere and hopefully learn along the way. But it’s so important to make a plan and to follow through, otherwise there’s a guarantee of not succeeding.

      Jessie, I wish you so much success. I hope your dreams come true.


  9. Minhaj


    Hi Steve

    Totally agree with you about Wealthy Affiliate not exaggerating income claims, far too many programmes make people give up because they make it seem so easy to earn online.
    And when they find out it isn’t as easy as advertised, they become despondent and just leave. This is why Wealthy Affiliate is successful, they provide everything you need to succeed online and at a very reasonable price.
    Yes its possible to make money online, but only wth the right support and guidance.
    Thanks for the article.

    • Steve Cass


      Hello Minhaj–

      So very true as far as, ‘yes, it’s possible to make money online, but only with the right support and guidance’. The right support and guidance is critical. There are many different methods of ATTEMPTING to make money online and some can even be successful.

      But there is only ONE way to create the organic, consistent and solid base necessary to succeed with WHATEVER monetizing choice you make. And Wealthy Affiliate delivers that solid foundation. The level of help from world-class and experienced web site creators at WA is not found ANYWHERE in the world.

      This is a true gold mine. If you have anyone that needs answers about WA, please direct them to my WA FAQ Page — All Q’s in One Place

      Thanks for stopping by,


  10. Rob S.


    Have you ever heard that if something sounds too good to be true it probably is? Well Wealthy Affiliate is that good and it is true. I was skeptical at first as anyone else would be. But further research showed that this program is almost like a magic wish.
    It has so many benefits if you are looking to build an online business. They train you host and help build your website. This is the best program I have ever found online. Don’t pass Wealthy Affiliate up.

    • Steve Cass


      Hi Rob. If anything, WA shores up so much faith in actually finding people who really care about my online success. The huge amount of direct learning from the owner, Kyle, is worth way more than the price of admission. 

  11. Minhaj


    Excellent overview of what Wealthy Affiliate provides.
    The owners are ethical marketers, something that is rare within this industry.
    I like that you mentioned they don’t make ridiculous income claims. They do provide all the tools and training and the rest is up to the individual. With hard work and consistency,people should see success.
    All the best with your online business

    • Steve Cass


      Thanks Minhaj! Ethical marketers. Yes, such a rare thing. I don’t believe I’ve ever run across a more ethical group of owners. It’s such a sham to try and offer people the moon as so many internet marketing things do. 

      Thanks for stopping by,


  12. Jacob Schilling


    Thanks for the information. The way you break it down actually inspires me because it helps me realize how simple it can actually be. I always have overthinking problems when it comes down to this stuff. In reality, you just gotta be willing to help others make decisions based on thorough content about a niche, and in turn, you will be a go-to source for a group of people within your niche.

    • Steve Cass


      Right. That’s exactly what I always try to do with this, that is break it down to it’s simplest components so it’s very easy to understand and very easy to see how you can be successful. I have the same tendency, to over-think stuff, and so this is also another way that I try to use to prove things to myself.

      Yep, gotta be that go-to person for the niche. That’s what it’s all about.

      Thanks Jacob!

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