Is Tai Lopez a Scam Artist?

Is Tai Lopez a Scam Artist?


Name: Tai Lopez, company name Knowledge Society

Price: Varies, see summary below
Owners: Tai Lopez
Overall Rank: 95 out of 100

Tai Lopez, Product Overview

This review is going to be a broad look (and not necessarily in depth) about an internet marketer named Tai Lopez and his main loss-leader product, the 67 Step Program.  Is Tai Lopez a scam artist?  According to  his  website bio:

Tai Lopez is an investor, partner, or advisor (sic, but hey, this spelling is more and more acceptable these days) to over 20 multi-million dollar businesses. Through his popular book club and podcasts Tai shares advice on how to achieve health, wealth, love, and happiness with 1.4 million people in 40 countries. 

You might have seen his TEDx talk, which in many ways help to put him on the map.  This 18-minute talk is a very good introduction to the man and his motives.





Find Out for Yourself

As well as a general assessment of the man, I want to specifically review one of his products that I have experience with, namely 67 Steps.   Is Tai Lopez 67 Steps a scam?  I believe that 67 steps will give you a good look into the man and his ethics, as well as his philosophy on life and teaching/coaching.

As the 67 Step program is really designed to be the introductory program, I’ll review both the general assessment as well as 67 Steps at the same time so you can make a better judgement about both.

You will learn a lot about the man by looking into the 67 Step program.

Find out for yourself.  Just take the time to enjoy one of his videos and see why his teaching and philosophies are magnetic.  He is thoughtful, thorough, completely without hype (except that he has a weakness in bragging about his wealth and connections).  He is not cheesy or ‘cheeky’ and is very respectful of people.

He talks, he doesn’t scream.  He thinks deeply about his words and the message he’s conveying.  He is well-spoken and there’s an authenticity in his voice that’s hard to deny.

Pay for a product, he says, and you’ll soon find the worth in it.  Find it for free, and you may not, and you certainly won’t respect it as much.

Besides, there’s something I’ve discovered about the way this man operates that is very up-to-date in his thinking.  He knows full well that all of the necessary documents for learning can be found online, on the internet bookshelves and inside the heads of business legends, dead or alive.

If you’re interested in this new order of learning, read on.


The Good and the Bad

The Good:

The good news here is that I believe he is entirely sincere in wanting to share his beliefs in regard to how we have the ability to rise above the crowd.  He approaches his philosophies very organically, meaning that he believes we have the ability to learn and grow in a manner that we are naturally wired for.

And he has much to say about some ways that we are naturally wired ‘against’ being successful.

He also speaks about how we as a people are scammed by what we’re told to eat, for example.  He is huge on how the food industry has bamboozled us all and how they rely on false advertising to increase sales (these are separate issues that I won’t be addressing any further here.  I just wanted you to know how he thinks).

All together, he professes that better knowledge, planning and being around mentors can help us pave the way to much better lives.

His mantra is that life is about making a better environment for health, wealth, love and happiness.  He truly believes that our educational system and economical environments can shape us drastically.

Tai believes that taking command of our thought processes in regard to our real nature as well as our personal history of learning and influence can guide us toward making better decisions regarding our health, wealth, love and happiness for our future, as well as the ability to show what we were born to do.


A Thirst for Knowledge and Mentors

There are plenty of self-help and motivation resources out there, but this is a different approach.  Rather than stating that all of the tools that you need are already inside of you, Tai is saying that along with the resources and potential that you have, and the need to discover those, is the need and a thirst for higher knowledge and to take in mentors along the path.

The main tool that he uses to get his message out to the masses is the 67 Step program (has my affiliate link, please use if interested.  And thank-you!)  When you purchase the 67 Step program, you are really purchasing what Tai calls the Mentor Program.

There are more descriptions on the bonuses within the next few paragraphs below this (and for a full summary, see the paragraph Knowledge Society Tools and Training Summary (quick jump) below).

Check out this video that Tai made about the 67 Step program.  It’s over an hour long, but if you’re interested at all, it’s worth spending the hour plus.


The 67 Step program costs $67.


Trust me, this is really good stuff.  I’m not, at all, saying that Tai Lopez and the 67 Steps are for everybody, but what I am saying is that this is one smart man.  You will become a smarter person just by listening to what he has to say here in this video.

The hype he uses about his cars is understandable as hook to get you to watch his stuff, but this is not what he is all about.

The video below tells you in a nutshell his answer to those who are calling him a scam artist.





As is usual with most ideas, he really hasn’t invented any of this information.   But he is intelligent enough to assemble and present the information from some of the smartest minds the planet has ever known, past and present.  The information in this video alone will spark interest toward action.


A 67 Step Program Excerpt

I am a member of the 67 Step program.  Here is an excerpt from my notes from one of the video training topics:  Stoic vs. Epicurean

The Stoics say that it’s better to postpone immediate gratification in order to invest in the future whereas Epicureans say it’s better to live in the moment, seek pleasure now for tomorrow we die, etc.

Who’s right?

Tai says that Stoicism will probably get you what you’re looking for. 

An old Amish guy told Tai, “there are three types of people in this world: those who make things happen, those who watch what happen and those who wonder what happened.  Which are you?”

Our technology has made us soft-minded. If you want to make something happen, then toughen up and face the music.

So, toughen up.  When was the last time I went without food for a day, or slept on the ground, or read one book in an entire day, or did 1000 lb reps on a calf muscle machine??

There’s a story about a Native American mother and child found on the cold plains of South Dakota in the winter.  They were found by a man who thought the woman was punishing the child.  She had cut a hole in the ice and had her child in the freezing water. 

The man asked, ‘what are you doing?’ and the mother replied, ‘teaching the child to toughen up’.  She wasn’t forcing the child underwater, she was teaching the child how to become tough.

I can hear it now, ‘there are no losers in Pop Warner football!’  Bull.  Losers learn to toughen up and winners learn what it takes to climb the mountain.  If there are no victors, then there is no incentive to succeed.

Stop being the sucker in the room.  Large corporations are selling you cheap clothing with expensive labels and selling me Big Macs and telling me that in order to be cool, I must give them all my money.  Really???

Sorry, I don’t have time to be a sucker or to rip off people.  It’s time to rise up and start doing right by me.

Find the balance between Stoicism and Epicureanism.  Maybe go 2 parts St to 3 parts Ep, whatever is right for you.

Take a cold shower!!  Use it or lose it!  The bone dna of the body constantly renews the bones of the body.  The body requires us to have tough resistance so we can get tough in this way.  One of many reasons why the body gets old because we don’t use the regeneration functions designed within our dna.


The 67 Step program consists of 67 videos, all in the 45 to 90 minute range, for $67 dollars.


Bonus Material

For anyone who purchases the 67 Step program, Tai offers a 24-video set of bonus lessons, including a six video series on the art of Smart Reading.  Other bonus titles include: Tai’s App List, a lesson on maximizing your efficiency, a two-part lesson on The Investment Secrets of the Ultra-Wealthy and a seminar replay of Tai’s on How to Take Your Business to $10 Million and Beyond.  

I’ve had a chance to go through the Smart Reading series, and I must say:  I am now equipped to go through books efficiently like I’ve never done so before.  Many of the bonus video titles have similar themes to those within the 67 Steps, so it’s a good bet that some of these topics expand on those ideas.


What Else do I get for the $67?


Knowledge Society Email List

When you are a member of any of Tai’s programs, you are on the Knowledge Society main mailing list.  Tai, and some members of his team (most notably his sister, Maya the Bee) send regular emails on Tai’s regular Knowledge Society seminars.

You can hook up and become a part of his regular seminars he holds in London, or be invited to a party or seminar at his home.  He’s very active in making videos and sharing exactly what he’s up to and always inviting you to become a follower of the Knowledge Society.

Personally, I am not swayed by all of the trappings of the luxury cars and homes and beautiful women.  Oh for sure, I like all of those things, but what I mean is that I look past all of that to see what the real value may or may not be.

Tai uses this flashiness for obvious reasons.  That is to reel in those who want the better life.  He’s showing what can happen when money is less of a seemingly unobtainable object.

He also writes about and promotes email marketing partners for opportunities in regard to the claims of making ridiculous amounts of money.  I personally don’t like these pitches, but this is another way that Tai is making money, that is he has become an affiliate of these marketers.

I’m sure there’s a hefty price Tai is extracting from these marketers for access to the Knowledge Society email list.


Free Book-of-the-Day Newsletter

Tai sends out a free newsletter about his book-of-the-day that he is reviewing or has read.  He gives a fairly good overview of the book, outlining the value of it.  Many of these can be found on his book recommendation page on his website, so he is already familiar with the content.

Of course, he links these to amazon where he gets commissions from the sales because he’s a smart businessman.  But sometimes, he actually sends links for free books.  Some of the offers for ‘free’ books are for affiliated online marketers who are giving away their books for the cost of shipping (and for the cost of your email address!)

He is very big on books, but not just any books.  His book recommendations are in an order that he recommends the visitor read.  I’ve read several on his list, and I believe he has some excellent choices.


For a full summary of all that is offered for the $67, see the paragraph below titled Knowledge Society Tools and Training Summary (quick jump).


67 Step V.I.P. Program

Tai has an upsell to the 67 Step program called the V.I.P. program.  This program is exclusively for 67 Step members.  The first course is called Lifestyle Training offers a 38 video lessons.  Each lesson features a content expert other than Tai (he does surround himself with knowledgeable people).

Each video is on a subject such as Wealth, Practical Skills and Money Management, personal health regimen videos such as Finding Balance, Jiu-Jitsu and Overcoming Procrastination and Reaching Goals and subjects on food such as Understanding Nutritional Facts.

Another interesting one I saw was Poker, Probabilities and the Art of Reading People.

The second V.I.P. program course is called Twice-a-month V.I.P. Coaching Calls, where you can access live streams of Tai taking q’s in the live event format.  There are also various business coaches available on different topics.

The third bonus of this program is to have unlimited access to all of the archived V.I.P. Coaching Calls.

(go back to Knowledge Society Tools and Training Summary below)

Be Aware of the Upsell, Not Wary of


Notice, I didn’t say, “be wary of the upsell”.  I just want to point out that the upsell is plainly spoken of within the 67 Step program pitch, and you need to be aware that it is baked into the shopping cart.  The shopping cart opens with the charge amount for the 67 Step program ($67), but also the upsell amount for the V.I.P. program ($69.99 for the first month).

There is a checkbox that is checked by default that you will be charged that first month for the V.I.P. program, and agree to the $69.99 monthly fee to be charged each month thereafter. So, if you are agreeable to the being enrolled in the V.I.P. program, do nothing and you will be enrolled.  If you do not wish to be enrolled, then be sure to uncheck the box.

I read of a few people who were angry that they were automatically enrolled like this.  They felt that this was sneaky.

I agree that it might be sneaky, but let the anger be on yourself for not reading before you click.

Tai is a business man, and that is how he and his team agreed to market this item.  I don’t blame him.  It might be a bit sneaky, and I might not agree with this method, but hey, this is pretty smart.

I had originally agreed to become a part of the V.I.P. program, but by the next day thought against it.  The charge is very easily avoided, and your membership in the upsell program very easily voided by Tai’s crack customer service team.  And very factually, this is a month-to-month agreement and membership can be voided at any time.

The main reason I decided to not pursue advanced membership was because of the time commitment, not the available content.  The program actually looks very informative, and I’m positive it would be valuable.  Let the buyer determine the worth of the value.


What’s Else is Good About What Tai Lopez Has to Offer?

The Accelerator ProgramTaiLopezAccelerator

One of Tai’s main products is the sale of his Accelerator Program, which is an offering of advanced money management, business entrepreneurship and marketing skills that use videos, live events, call-ins and personal one-on-ones as well as invitations to private events.  Here’s a brief overview from the application web page:




(go back to Accelerator Program Summary)


In a very real sense, the accelerator program takes the lessons learned in the 67 Steps and puts the money, business and people influence skills from that into action.  It’s actually quite a bit more in depth as there are 67 mini lessons under each of the three main courses:  Money, Entrepreneur and Persuasion.

The cost of the Accelerator program is four monthly payments of $997 as of this writing.

London Dinner Event

Tai holds regularly scheduled events in London.  These are dinner events designed to put the Accelerator information, and other related and entrepreneurial information, into action.

This is designed as a dinner and a seminar to jump start a business plan.  These are by invitation only to those on the email list of Knowledge Society.  The events itself costs $1497.

But, if you’re in the Accelerator program, the basic cost of this event is covered (please check me for accuracy)!

The Bad:

The above email marketing pitches from other internet marketing ‘gurus’ is a negative for me.   Where I will have reviews of some of them, I will come back here and name them and link to those reviews.

For now, I will tell you that I believe that Tai is partnering with some ethically questionable people (just my opinion, but I’m not alone) by allowing them access to Tai’s general mailing list.  Tai is, for all intents and purposes, saying he endorses such people.

Now, here’s a moving target line:  ethics and internet marketing.  I believe that making money on the internet must come from providing a service, not taking advantage of people and flooding their inbox with a ton of unsolicited sales pitches and taking advantage of their mistakes and whims. But that’s just me.


You’re going to tell me right now that I am never going to make money in internet marketing, and I’m going to tell you that you’re mistaken!  Check out the good news in internet marketing and my #1 recommendation:  Wealthy Affiliate.   See the review here at this website by clicking the link to the left if you have any interest at all of succeeding with an online business.  

I have keywords that are converting very well. You should join me there to use the same keyword tool. ->>

Tai Lopez is allowing his company to make money off of internet marketing hypesters who utilize Tai’s mail list and endorsements.  While Tai is certainly the best judge of who he lets use his mailing list, I believe that allowing these marketers with a long list of complaints and questionable ethics to use him just because they pay him money to be beneath Tai’s good character.  I sent Tai that very message.  I sorta doubt he ever saw it, much less agreed with it.

But somehow, I hope he does take it to heart.  He doesn’t need these people.  Tai Lopez is a gifted individual that is spreading good news about health, wealth, love and happiness without the need to sell out.  I don’t think he needs their money, nor should he be promoting them.


Who are Knowledge Society Programs Designed For?

Tai Lopez is marketing toward the every-day man and woman like you and me.  He has designed his programs so that ANYONE with the correct motivation, time and desire can succeed.  I can’t vouch for all of Tai’s programs, but I have read some good reviews about him and his products.

He is a very good motivator in the sense that he has a very rational personal delivery.

Knowledge Society Tools & Training Summary

Mentor Program

  • 67 Steps (my affiliate link)
    • 67 video lessons (actually over 300 cohesive topics condensed into 67-one hour+ videos)
  • Super Bonuses
    • Video lessons on topics such as It’s All Reps and Sets, Deserve It Factor and Salary Slave.
  • Premium Book Summaries
    • Bonus book reviews and interview videos with Tai and noted authors
  • Tai’s Mentor Tips
    • Video lessons on subjects such as How to Set up Your Daily Routine and 4X Your Learning Process.
  • Smart Reading
    • Six video lessons that thoroughly explain Tai’s method of reading books.

(go back to A Thirst for Knowledge and Mentors)
(go back to Free Book-of-the-Day Newsletter)

Cost:  $67

V.I.P. Program

The V.I.P. Program is only accessible as an upsell to the 67 Step program.  Be aware that the upsell is baked into the shopping cart.  You must deselect the check in the box that says you are interested in the V.I.P. program.  This same check box, if left checked, is an authorization for the initial monthly fee plus all future monthly fees.

If you don’t want the V.I.P. program, simply uncheck the box.

See more info above under the 67 Step V.I.P. Program (quick jump) paragraph above.

  • Lifestyle Training
    • 38 training videos on subjects such as Finding Balance, Jiu-Jitsu and Overcoming Procrastination and Reaching GoalsUnderstanding Nutritional Facts and Poker, Probabilities and the Art of Reading People.
  • V.I.P. coaching calls
    • Twice-a-month live event calls with Tai, who receives and answers online.
  • The Vault
    • Unlimited access to archived V.I.P. coaching calls.

Cost: $69.99 per month

Accelerator Program

The Accelerator program is an offering of advanced money management, business entrepreneurship and marketing skills that use videos, live events, call-ins and personal one-on-ones as well as invitations to private events.  It begins with a one on one call with a top Knowledge Society consultant so they can better understand your goals.

See a full description in the paragraph above entitled, What Else is Good About What Tai Lopez Has to Offer? (quick jump)

  • Advanced Business Live Coaching Calls
    • An advanced live online call-in event in a more intimate setting, twice monthly.  In depth business concepts.
  • Knowledge Bank
    • Exclusive access to the archives of these intimate events, with topics covering the search for investors and validating your business model.
  • Annual pass to all of Tai Lopez public events
    • Ranging from mentor events, private parties and the London event, the holder can choose to attend any of these types of events that are made public by Tai.  A chance to talk one on one with Tai’s mentors.

Cost:  $3998 one-time payment or $997 per month for 4 months = $3991


Knowledge Society Support

Tai has a phone number listed on the help page.  There is a contact form with the ability to send replies via email and/or text.  They like texting because responses won’t have to go through email spam filters.  There is also a software chat feature on the page.

I’ve contacted support with them a handful of times, and they have always responded in a timely manner.

In addition, you may have read above that when I purchased the 67 Step program, I had originally decided to go ahead and also purchase the V.I.P. program along with the regular 67 Steps.  The following day came and I decided that I didn’t want to pursue the V.I.P. program due to time commitments.  I sent an email to support that day.  They immediately voided the upsell charge and assured that my card would not be charged on a monthly basis.

It was that simple, and I was very happy and impressed with their support team.


My Final Opinion of Tai LopezTaiLopez1

I believe there is real value here.  Tai doesn’t portray himself in the public eye as someone who has all of the answers, but rather someone who has assembled a very serious method for people to be successful.

So many see the cars and the house and think he’s a scam because of this, but I believe it’s well worth a person’s time to look past that into what he is offering.

There is a ton of hard work and thought put into the 67 Step program, and I believe the value goes way beyond the price ($67).  Obviously, Tai is using this as a loss-leader to introduce you to his more expensive programs and training, but take a look at this for what it is:  a spectacular training method for gaining high knowledge and for getting a person to discover who they are and how they have the power to succeed.

The value and product delivered in the 67 Steps is worth far and away above any opinion of the man.


Use the Notes Templates

Each 67 Step video page offers a note template and I highly suggest that you take extensive notes for each video.  I currently have a surprisingly nice collection of notes that I view over and over to see the importance (side note:  that is basically how I operate.  What I mean is that I become excited about some information, then I take notes.  I’ll review those notes from time to time to see just how important those ideas may or may not be to me at the present.

In other words, our brains are smart enough to sift through information and glean the good and meaningful ideas that we wish to have stick into our minds and become a part of our lives).

The notes that you take from each of these lessons will become an important part of your journey.  They are important, not because of the teacher but rather how the ideas are absorbed and applied by the student!


My Take Away

Your journey and your take-aways will be different from mine.  How you might apply a certain aspect might be different from where I am at my stage of life and expectations.

Have fun with it!  After all, the bottom line is that YOUR success stories will be as organic and natural as it applies to your persona, belief system and outlook on life.

My thoughts are that you should take advantage of this ridiculously low price and get into the 67 Step program (this link carries my affiliate ID.  Please use it if you decide to do this. And thank-you!)  Perhaps you’re also ready for the V.I.P. program or the Accelerator.  Maybe not.  Tai actually says at some point that this might be all the information you need.  It was for me at this point in time.

At minimum, I recommend the initial 67 Steps to everyone.  I spend more money on coffee and junk food than this, and for what benefit?  My immediate gratification, that’s why. There’s more to life than immediate gratification!



Why All the Hate?

Whenever a person is in the spotlight, they’re going to have arrows slung at them.  No one gets a break from that (although, I’ll bet Mother Teresa did.  Talk about the purest motives ever…).  Tai is a bit of a braggart on his possessions, but he’s using these as motivators.

Even if you believe he truly has a problem being a show-off, why all the hate?  Apparently, you are jealous.

Be able to see past this for what he truly offers.  If you believe that what he asks for in exchange for his mentorship and information is too much money, then don’t give him anything.

There may well be some kind of scam going on that I am not aware of, and I would definitely like to be made aware of that. And of course, your opinions are your own.  But throwing arrows at the man without saying why isn’t usually constructive.  So let’s have a dialogue.


Please let me know about your own experiences with Tai Lopez.  Share what you’ve heard about him or ask any questions you might have about him.  Let’s talk!








Steve Cass at createwealthonline.comAbout Steve. 

A working guitarist, guitar designer, songwriter, worship leader and online entrepreneur, I have discovered that the key to online success (and success is more than money) is simply to focus on helping people be successful.





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  1. Amberlee


    I am so grateful I found this article as I’m always wondering who Tai Lopez is as I forever see his advertisements before I watch a YouTube video and for some reason, I always have an urgency to press the skip button. I now understand (thanks to you) it’s because I feel comfortable with his excessive bragging of wealth.

    But your explanation of his program and his intention behind it has changed my perspective, and I want to know more. And like you I will be signing up for the $69 program, but I won’t be investing in any of his upsells.

    • Steve Cass


      Hi Amberlee. It’s really tough to sift through all of the loudness out there sometimes to figure out what’s real and what isn’t. Even though you and I have taken the time to do that, there will still be those who disagree, and that’s ok, they get their buttons pushed and then feel jipped. I guess I don’t blame them, but it’s good to see through some of the haze.

      I think you’re going to enjoy the lessons. I definitely am. Thanks so much for taking the time to read this.

  2. Joshua T Berglan


    I am so grateful for your page. I really enjoyed reading it. I come across guru’s and other sites that promise the world and it is so hard to find out what is legit and what isnt. I wish Tai would not have made fun of In and Out Burger, I love that place. 🙂

    • Steve Cass


      I know, I love In and Out, too! But I guess too much of anything isn’t very good for me! Anyway, thanks for checking out the article and I’m very glad you found it enjoyable.

  3. Michael


    Hey Steve, nice review of this controversial figure. Tai Lopez enterprises seems to be a lot like cilantro, people either love it or hate it. Now i’m not saying i am joining the haters, yet. I have not purchased the 67 steps, but I have heard and read from people who have and who have purchased his up-sells. Problem I see is that, the programs have a lot of talking but not a lot of teaching. There is a ton of information out there, a ton. Its not enough just to talk about something, usually that something is an up-sell to the next product you have to pitch, but you have to genuinely teach people as well, about business start up, about marketing, about personal development, something. Anything. Second problem is with the email lists. Allowing questionable individuals to have access to your email list, for money, shows a lack of respect and disregard for the people who have trusted you with this information. Why deal with shady characters anyway? An Amish guy told me once “You can’t work in a pig pen all day long and not end up smelling like pig”. Smart people the Amish. Thanks Steve.

    • Steve Cass


      I completely agree with your Amish friend! That is the sort of odor that I think I smell when I think about his upsells and his email marketing partners as well. I can’t figure out why Tai thinks he needs these other marketers and I agree that it smacks of lack of respect for the rest of us who are on his list.

      I’m not willing to take a chance on his upsells. I think I got the goods from him in the 67 steps. I’m not sure if that’s all he has to offer, but at least I know for sure that the 67 steps themselves are a good value.

      I do feel very similar to what you feel. One thing I keep thinking about is something my mother once told me about how most businesses and people aren’t 100% bad. There’s usually a nugget of truth somewhere amongst the layers of questionable stuff.

      But, your Amish guy is also very right. So, if a person has no room for other info, or is satisfied with what they know, then Tai’s info isn’t going to change their life.

      On the other hand, I can attest from personal experience that the information he presents in the 67 steps is backed up by people smarter than he is.

  4. Chris


    I came across this Tai Lopez character about a year back and I read quite a few worrying reviews on him. Personally I can’t shake those reviews and I wouldn’t go anywhere near his products. But still, your review certainly covers aspects I was unaware of so I’m glad I ended up here today – it’s just not the choice for me!

    • Steve Cass


      That’s all good! Definitely a choice. I still am wary of most of his stuff, but I like the 67 steps and find it all makes sense in a very baseline way. Thanks for reading.

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