How to Get out of Debt for Free – A True Free Lunch??

How to Get Out of Debt for Free – A True Free Lunch?


So I take it that you’d like a way out of your debt troubles. But I know that you know that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. So hopefully you’re looking for a way on how Hold on to your moneyto get out of debt for free by not having to pay anyone, or to pay very little for the solution.

Does that sound like you?

Okay, here’s the fix: It’s YOUR money. Hold on to it, direct it. The fix is your behavior. And by me saying that, I don’t mean to make it sound like it’s all you, you’re all the bad guy and all of that. What I mean is that the fix is the change in how you view and handle the money that comes in to you.

All is not lost.  Stay with me, I have a very good formula for this and you probably have enough of an income to make this happen. And the plan truly is free.  You can magnify the information for very little extra money.

Why should you read this?? Because I was very much in debt and now I am very much on the road to retiring inspired.

I’m positive that many of you are worse off than me, so I’m not here to fill you with some rags-to-riches story (believe me, I’m not rich except for how the world would view the middle class American standard).


What’s the Program?

No, I didn’t invent this program, but I am very happy to tell you about it and how it inspired me to live a fuller life. I’ll be brief because you have some other info to read to get started with this. Have you ever heard of Financial Peace University? It was invented by a guy named Dave Ramsey. Dave was a young real estate mogul who lost it all at 26. He had to file bankruptcy because his debt was in the millions.

He devised a really great way for he and his wife to get out of debt. But it wasn’t just a way to get out of debt, it was a way to live life FULL BLAST with the income that you make. No matter the job.

Dave started selling his program by mail and out of the trunk of his car in the early 90’s. He then created Financial Peace University in 1994. Today, FPU has helped over 4.5 million people to live lives free of debt and full of hope for a bright tomorrow.


How Does it Work?

The basic information is free. The formula is simply this:

Save a $1000 emergency fund

Pay off your debts, except the house, using the Debt Snowball approach

Save a fully-funded 3-6 month income emergency fund

Save 15% toward retirement

Save for college

Pay off your house

Build Wealth and Give Generously!


It’s All Free, Right?!

Yes, this information is completely free. And I believe that you can accomplish total freedom from debt without paying any one.

I’m going to expand on each area below, The Steps to Financial Freedomcalled the Baby Steps, and give you a link directly to Dave’s site so you have the best explanation.

I think that so much of Dave’s formula is common sense. The troubles come in this life because we live in a complicated money world.  So in full disclosure, it’s my recommendation that you visit Dave’s site and sign up for the full FPU course.

I am a proud graduate of FPU, and it truly helped me to understand the importance of each step. It is very much worth your time and money.


What Does it Cost?

$119.  Attend local group meetings, nine 90-minute meetings.  Or, view all course materials online, anytime any device.


More Info

Find an FPU course in your area or sign up for the online course.


What Are the Baby Steps?

You MUST take each step in this order. Why? Because it is a proven formula that simply works:

Save a $1000 emergency fund

Your first step is to create a savings fund large enough to give you peace of mind when the car breaks down but small enough that it’s a reachable amount.

Pay off your debts, except the house, using the Debt Snowball approach

What’s the Debt Snowball?

Make a list all of your monthly debts in order of the smallest to the largest. Pay the minimum on all of the debts except the smallest debt. Pay off that debt today!

Next month, there’s one less debt on your ledger and you have a NEW-smallest debt to attack! So you add the amount that you WOULD have paid to your ability to pay off the NEXT smallest debt. You keep paying them this way until the list is gone!

The reason this works to eliminate your monthly debt is that you create momentum, you get excited about it and you begin to see real progress.

Save a fully-funded 3-6 month income emergency fund

3-6 months of your normal income will now be a great cushion for you to have for future emergencies. You will no longer need to even consider getting desperate — or feel like you want to get in trouble with having a loan. When troubles arrive, you just transfer cash and be done with it.

Save 15% toward retirement

Now is when you begin to save for retirement. 15% is a great number, and you will be able to retire inspired (just like I will very soon!!). Why not save for retirement before these previous steps? Because now you’re in a position to save.

You may have already been saving for retirement up to this point, but you should consider suspending any future retirement spending so you can first eliminate your debt.

Eliminating your debt is the first step in you realizing the actual power of your income. When you become debt-free, you have an enormous potential for saving and giving.

Listen to Dave for more information on the power of your income.

Save for college

You also now have the power to save for a well-funded education account for your children.

Pay off your house

The power to be completely debt-free is complete when you have eliminated your home mortgage! When you begin FPU, Dave recommends that you get a 15-year mortgage, which is a fast track to paying off your house.

Even if you’re in a 30-year fixed mortgage, you can speed up the payments without refinancing. It really just depends on your situation.

Build Wealth and Give Generously!

Can you imagine a life without ANY debt whatsoever??!  I can! You will not only be able to save enough money for retirement, but you’ll also have more than enough money to give money to those in need. To be able to absolutely take care of yourself and your family with money, and at the same time be a huge blessing to other people and organizations along the way. THAT is truly the peak of the money mountain.

Is there a better course of action to take in this world that we live in?  When money drives so much of your life, shouldn’t YOU be in control of the finances instead of the other way around? Now you know how to get out of debt for free. Pass this secret along to your friends and family and visit FPU today.

See a complete explanation of the Baby Steps.


I am not an affiliate of Ramsey Solutions, and receive no commissions from any of the links above that take you to his site. But I am very proud of being an FPU graduate, and I hope that I have shown you the importance of being debt-free. If this has been helpful to you, please visit my Wealthy Affiliate links above and below.




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A working guitarist, guitar designer, songwriter, worship leader and online entrepreneur, I have discovered that the key to online success (and success is more than money) is simply to focus on helping people be successful.


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