How to Create a Website for Free – A Live Demo

How to Create a Website for Free – A Live Demo


Today I want to show you exactly how easy it is to create a website for free, and how this is going to encourage you to keep going down the road of personal and financial freedom.How to Create a Website for Free

It wasn’t very long ago that you had to have a ton of technical smarts in order to create websites. It’s much easier, now more than ever in 2016, to create a website that can easily capture the imagination.

I remember when I first began creating websites around the year 2000. All the info is great knowledge for creating and maintaining them today, but when I first began I had to do all of these things separately:

  • Get a domain
  • Purchase a separate web hosting package at a different company
  • Set up the correct databases offered by the web host
  • Pay extra for security and privacy measures
  • Learn html, php and javascript
  • Point the domain at the webhost
  • Write (Code) the web page by hand and publish the home page of the site before even going live

Is it Hard to Do??

It sure used to be. There was a ton of brain power necessary to even wrap your head around being your own webmaster. As a matter of fact, most sites had a webmaster credit at the bottom of the page because you needed to hire experts or be a super nerd to try and do that stuff.

Do you still need some technical smarts when creating a website today? Sure, but you don’t need all the programming skills that used to be required just to publish a web page. Now there is a platform that does the vast majority of the work for you.

And the platform I want to show you most definitely does everything in the list above for you, automatically and more (except the pay more part. There are absolutely no up-sells at Wealthy Affiliate).

It does it all for you at the click of a few buttons.

The rest of the knowledge you need will come from the family of experts at Wealthy Affiliate and the amazing video and blog libraries that Kyle and other members have amassed.

You can create your website for free while you watch this video, if you wish.

You will have your website up and running in under one minute. 34 seconds is the overall average.

1 and 2 and Done

This is a two-step process:

  1. Create your free starter Wealthy Affiliate Account
  2. Watch the video below and create your first website

It’s that simple.

how to create a website for free



Here are some great stories from people who did exactly this.  They’re not just cheerleaders, they went through the process and are Site Rubix free website reviewstelling you about their experiences with creating their initial sites and how they rated the difficulty. The thread is a couple of years old and has since been out of rotation (last post 2014), but there are so many genuine happy people talking that I wanted to share this with you.


Read Stories about the Wealthy Affiliate Free Website


Ask a favor?

Since I showed you this treasure, would you please come back here and post your experiences with the website builder?  I want to start a new long thread so people can see how it all works! Thanks for doing that.

When you come back here to post would you please answer the following questions:

  1. When first creating your website, did it take longer or shorter than you expected?
  2. On a scale of 1-8, with eight being the hardest, how was your difficulty in creating your first website?
  3. Now that you have the experience with the Site Rubix as a website builder, would you recommend this to others looking to build a website? Why?


Get More Info

And please share this thread with friends, family and others if they could use a website of their own. Visit my full review of Wealthy Affiliate to understand more.

There’s just no substitute for learning some of the technical on your own, so be sure to do your research. It will definitely save you when troubles come. But just know that I am here to help answer any questions about anything technical. If I don’t know the answer, I’ll gladly find the right person or website for you to go to for some answers.

Have a great day,


Please let me know of any other comments or questions you might have. They mean so much to the health of this site. Please share this video!




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