How to Create a Website for a Business: Fundamentals and Passion

create a website for your businessHow to Create a Website for a Business


How to create a website for a business? It’s important to give good mind to the basics: stick to the fundamentals of content creation and deliver passion while doing it. Remember this ideal and build the rest of your website around this. Keep it simple, and you can count on becoming a master of your destiny and rocketing to success!

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It’s all About Human Interaction

Building a website of any kind, one where you intend on a good number of people visiting / reading and interacting, is a job that must be done with thoughts of how others will see and react to your information.

I know that sounds obvious, but it is so very easy to create and write in a technical manner that doesn’t take into account whether or not your audience is going to appreciate what you’ve created.

As you are thinking about the architecture of the site, I know that one of the things that is attractive is the look and feel of the site. More and more, the popular thing to do is to create a website that is very bright and pleasing. One type that is very popular these days is the page-wide photo look that is one long webpage. And I think this is great.

Yes, user experience is highly important. But this post isn’t about the graphic nature of your site.  The bottom line is that your entire site is all about the user experience, and the graphic portion is a good part of this. But we’ll talk about user experience and graphics in another post.


Stick to the Fundamentals of Content Creation and Deliver Passion

  • Start out with the idea that this is a business

Even if your website is a small or part-time business or hobby, you will want to commit to the mentality of creating this venture to succeed and not to fold! If you begin with the mentality of just ‘trying something new’, you’re probably not going to give a long-term commitment to success.

You’ll need to do some research on creating the online business mentality. A big part of that is understanding a working formula and sticking to that formula. Plus, you are more likely to see the project through to success if you have a large passion for the formula.

  • Myth: I need to be an expert in the field before starting

Although it can be a great advantage to begin the venture as a content expert, you can definitely learn to become just that along the way.  But, it’s not enough to be only a content expert, you must also become become the niche expert. You will learn to be the expert of how and what people are searching for within this niche. You’ll become a part of the people and participate / communicate with the niche.

You don’t need to be the expert in either content or as the niche leader when you’re starting out.

The main battle is just knowing that both are what you need to be doing. What happens next is that you pursue both. Your passion for this is going to show. People will love your passion and zeal for the subject and you’ll gain trust because of it!

Your drive for this very thing of becoming the experts in content and the niche is what is going to sustain you. And you’ll be rewarded for this effort with the metrics of success that you deem important. Your readers are going to let you know if you’re connecting with them!

Your Job#1 is bringing a solution or solutions to the people of your niche.


how to create a website for a business

Don’t Be a Clanging Gong

You can write a beautiful composition in any language and have all the technical buzzwords down. You can try and prove to the world that you are the content expert solely by writing the technical content. But if you don’t present it in a way that serves how people are searching for that content, you are a clanging gong.

Or let’s put it this way, your gong may be loud but that is not what is going to attract people. You are going to attract many more people by tuning your cymbal to the sounds they want to hear.

Structure your business for long-term success. Don’t race ahead to make money. Don’t race ahead to get traffic. Don’t skip the fundamentals of creating your website in a manner that attracts your super fans.

Gain traffic in a natural and normal way.


Fundamentals Summary

The fundamentals of content creation are:

  • Treat this venture like a business, with plans, not a ‘let’s try and see…’ venture
  • Know that your goal is to really understand the people within your niche
    • Become one of them, understand their hopes and dreams
    • Become the niche leader
    • Work toward becoming the content expert
  • Bring a solution or solutions to the people of your niche


The Cart Won’t Pull the Horse

There is a sequence of events that need to take place. Before you can sell products, you need an audience. Before you can get an audience, you need to learn how to attract that audience. Before you can attract that audience, you need to get the website with the fundamentals in place.

Side note: If you’re in the position where you already have a target audience, make sure it’s right set of people before creating a website or an advertising campaign around them. Just because a set of people like disc golf doesn’t necessarily mean they like another outdoor sport.

Maybe you work for a large company that already has a ton of products and a captured audience. That’s all great, but you won’t convert very well unless you deliver the content in the manner that attracts your fans.

So, there’s a formula and a sequence of events that must take place when you’re just starting out.


  1. Build a Niche Website
  2. Create Helpful and Relevant Content
  3. Get Traffic and Rankings
  4. Monetize Your Site


It must be in this order. You begin by placing your stake in the ground and claim your space on the internet. You then do the research of how your niche expects you to deliver. What are they searching for? You learn how to create content that serves the need of that niche.

The horse has to come before the cart. Don’t over-complicate things. Online business is very simplistic. Product, service, customer. But work this in reverse to obtain your goals: customer, service, product. THE most important thing is to get in touch with the human element and deliver the service that your readers demand.

You are much better off concentrating on the human elements (keyword research, writing relevant content and SEO) than on the techniques like ads or email lists. If you don’t have traffic, why are you focusing on adding an email list? You need to focus on getting visitors for your site.

You don’t hear of any business that is being successful by having lower traffic. Horse first, cart next. Create and sustain organic traffic.


Concentrate on One Source of Traffic

Especially when starting out, concentrate on one source of traffic. If you’re in a larger business, the advice is still to concentrate on one source of traffic.

You don’t have to be involved with so many aspects of gaining traffic or trying to align your business with affiliate marketing and Facebook ads and Google AdSense and so many others all at the same time.

You can be successful solely with SEO or solely with Facebook traffic or solely by using PPC. As a matter of fact, you should become an EXPERT in one area before you think about moving on to the next.


Billions of Clicks Out There

There are great avenues of traffic out there. Basically unlimited. But if you’re concentrating on YouTube traffic, concentrate on YouTube traffic and don’t try to be everything to everyone. Don’t think that you have to spread yourself so thin in order to succeed. It’s just not true that you need multiple sources as a winning formula. It’s much better to become an expert and an authority using one method.

If you concentrate in one area and learn to be an expert in that area, you are going to see an amazing amount of traffic. You can think of scaling your traffic when you are ready to scale your overall business.

There are billions of clicks a day out there. Find out a particular avenue of gaining traffic and scale it up from that point. For example, if you are getting good at indexing with Google, just amplify what you are doing. Learn exactly why you are succeeding and multiply your effort.


Double down on what works. Eliminate what doesn’t.


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A working guitarist, guitar designer, songwriter, worship leader and online entrepreneur, I have discovered that the key to online success (and success is more than money) is simply to focus on helping people be successful.


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  1. Anthony


    This is some great information for beginners trying to build a website for business. At first, I was unsure how to get traffic because my SEO would be ineffective. However I have learned with time that you must be patient for rankings and authority. That would be my best advice for any beginners out there.

    • Steve Cass



      Patience is the right word, you are so right. Rankings and authority demand that you have only patience. You can’t buy rankings and authority. There’s just no substitute for recognizing how the search engines work when you give them the normal and natural content that they desire. This, coupled with thinking as the people of their niche would think and act, is an unstoppable force.

      But I also think that this information would be good for any veterans in creating business websites as well. It’s so easy to get caught up in creating pretty bells and whistles and thinking that this is what is going to drive and retain traffic. So if you run across any people who you believe could be interested in this information, please send them my way.

      Have a great day and thanks for stopping by,


  2. Eartha


    Hi Steve,

    I really enjoyed reading your post. Your mentioning of treating your venture like a business is a great reminder for myself. In the past, I have abandoned so many projects because I treated them like hobbies. The earning potential was there and I missed out. Today I run my online business very differently and focusing on it as a business is key. You have made some really great points in this article. Thank you!

    • Steve Cass


      You’re sure welcome, Eartha. I’m glad to hear that you’re not taking this website business lightly. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

      Can you share anything about how you treat your website projects as a business?


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