How Long Does it Take to Make Money with an Online Business?

How Long Does it Take to Make Money with an Online Business?

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You came here and you’ve read many other sites and offers. You’re frustrated because your good sense of knowing right and wrong make is so you can generally see a good deal from as scam.

And you ask how long does it takes to make money with an online business because of two main reasons: you’re tired of asking the question and you want to finally be able to read some reality on the subject!

We all want answers to how much the ROI, return on investment, is going to be. And we want to feel that feeling that comes from breathing out that sigh of relief and we say to ourselves that we’re on the right track.

Or in other words we say/ask: “If I’m going to spend my money and time working on x, when am I going to see any fruit from my labor?”

Another perception/question that pops into mind is, “All of the offers I see online are talking about how EASY it is to make money online. If I execute Plan X, can I can push a button and walk away?”

Other questions:

“When will I be able to make $3-5000 a month with my website?”

“When will I see the first dollar?”

I have one answer for you:

“That depends.”

Understanding exactly why I am answering you in this way is because your outcomes depend on the many different factors of your efforts, the particular niche that you’re in and other dynamics regarding your business.

But fear not, I’m going to tell you why you’re in the right place and reading the right article! The better question you should be asking is, “How long before I start seeing consistent traffic at my website?”

We’ll come back to that better question. First, let me tell you why you’ve found the right opportunity.

Your Expectations in Building a Business

Preparation meets opportunity.

When you build a brick-and-mortar business, your expectation of when you will see income is anywhere from one-to-three years. Why would you think that seeing income from building a business online would not take a similar amount of time? There are many factors and questions that arise from just from this one area.

The good news, though, is that the economies of scale have changed in favor of the online business. I’m not saying that there is no cash investment for online, I am saying that you don’t need that HUGE stack of cash that you had to have before the online world existed.

What you DO have in the online world is the ability to build a solid foundation for your venture with little or no money. The opportunity to provide information to folks has never been more valuable than it is today.

Prepare for it. That opportunity is what I will share with you below.


Your Experience With Online Opportunities

How Long Does it Take to Make Money with an Online Business

We have very good reasons to be skeptical of claims that say, “if only you’ll buy my online training, you’ll be rolling in the dough in under 100 days!” “It’s all plug-and-play! Very little work on your part necessary and you could make a fortune!”

We all know better, but yet we’re drawn to this stuff. So it makes it very difficult to spot really great opportunities because our expectations are tainted in this way.

Mostly it’s because of our desire for instant gratification plus the need to win the lottery and get off the hamster wheel and retire and travel and be free to do…you know.

So a real opportunity comes by and our expectation is that we’ll be making great money in only a month or two. The recipe for success doesn’t work like that.

But I am going to give you an opportunity where you actually feel your hard work create something of value for years to come.


The Formula for Success Isn’t Because it’s Online

If you opened up a donut shop in one part of town while a friend opened up a hair salon in a different part of town and your friend with the hair salon was making money after six months while you were still struggling, would you blame the town??

No, you wouldn’t blame the town! The town is only the medium of available customers. You could start dividing the available customers into the ‘likely sale’ category because of demographics.  And this is very similar to thinking about doing business online.

There is no magic that because a business is online that it somehow is on a level playing field with all other businesses.  There are many variables that come into play, but one thing is certain: it’s time to start learning about the town!! 🙂

Yes, learn about the online landscape: what people are looking for and why they’re looking for it and when they’re looking for it.

I am going to show you the very basics about how to attract your online audience.  It’s very organic and the information is completely FREE. And it will completely set you and your future free!


A Timeline for Success Because Your Business is Online

If you opened your online business with the best intentions and the best business training, would you expect to begin seeing profits from your idea at the same time as yourCompeting Juice Stands - How Long Does it Take to Make Money with an Online Business? friend with another online business? Probably not. Different customers and products and needs and so on.

For example, a real timeline difference and profit making potential in internet businesses is whether the site is a niche site or an authority site. Authority sites take more time to build but are generally more profitable.

You’ll hear more on authority and niche sites as time goes on.  But this information makes no difference in the learning curve for today.

The short answer here is that all Authority sites are niche sites, and all Niche sites have some authority. Both start out being built the same way.  The basic recipe for success (creating excellent content, learning and improving customer user experience and the proper use of keywords) is the same with either type of site.


A better question, and a better focus for today, is, “when are YOU going begin to strive to build more and consistent online traffic?” More traffic, more sale possibilities. More on that below!


So, why do we torture ourselves and place ourselves on a non-existent time line in fantasy land??  

Because we’re prone to being that way. It’s just simple human nature.

Today I want to help you see that you CAN make money with an online business.  

You CAN be in total control of how you build it’s foundation.

Wealthy Affiliate University

This is No Plug-and-Play Opportunity

This opportunity is NOT about learning some formula so you can sit back and watch the cash roll in.  There ARE tried-and-true methods to seeing consistent results, but everything depends on how much work you put into your business, how well you can stick to the training and how committed and patient you are.

Follow the training that was designed and built by Kyle at Wealthy Affiliate (my full review) and he will set you up for success. It is all about gaining a consistent and steady flow of traffic to your website.

The opportunity is real. The results are up to you.


No Better Training Source on the Planet

I have found the most personable, complete, sincere and straightforward training package on the planet at Wealthy Affiliate. The beautiful part about it is that there are VERY important aspects of the training that are completely FREE. The tools to get started are also absolutely FREE.

As in building any sort of business, the entire learning process requires your patience and diligence. In this era of instant gratification, we some how lose this focus when it comes to building an online business.

The initial module of training, 10 blog lessons with videos that are completely free, is absolutely complete as far as building the foundation of your online business.

Whether you decide to take this business in the direction of blogging or reviewing or selling trinkets, this foundation information is highly relative to any future field or niche.

There is no other place on the internet that truly cares about your progress. Kyle will check in with you and offer his support.

The full results of the training and how others have become experts is fully documented and borne out by the people within the community. Click the banner above to see more.


A Place for Newbies to Experts

Wealthy Affiliate University was designed by Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim to be a safe place for the uninitiated to learn about the basics of website marketing. It is a learning place that has complete training in building a website business from the basics to making money. No other place of learning on the planet is doing this!

Here are 8 super valuable benefits in signing up.

  1. Classroom discussion forums
  2. Rapid Writer article creation/storage facility
  3. Live video class and library
  4. Wealthy Affiliate keyword tool
  5. Jaaxy keyword tool
  6. Keyword list storage
  7. Link Tracking tool
  8. Affiliate Program

The Wealthy Affiliate community has literally thousands of business website exerts available that are posting their own blogs and training at the WA site every day! The wealth of information available to you is invaluable.


Join WA for 0 Dollars


From Hobbies and Blogging to Affiliate Marketing, it’s All There

The foundation information to build your own website around your passion and business ideas are there.  The complete tool chest is also available.  Build two starter websites for FREE.  Transfer these websites, completely and with the push of a button, to your own domains when you’re ready.

And now you know the answer to, “how long does it take to make money with an online business?” question. And the answer is that it depends on you. Wealthy Affiliate and I are there to help you get started in the right direction.


More Info

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Steve Cass at createwealthonline.comAbout Steve. 

A working guitarist, guitar designer, songwriter, worship leader and online entrepreneur, I have discovered that the key to online success (and success is more than money) is simply to focus on helping people be successful.


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