Finding Keywords for Your Website – The Natural Way

Finding Keywords for Your Website – The Natural Way


There is a way to attract traffic for your website by finding keywords with a process that is quite normal and natural, and I am going to share that with you today.Typing1

The search engines are designed so you can use the strategy of finding relevant content for your website by asking questions or making statements or entering words and phrases that are complete thoughts into the search engines.

But the method for how your pages are ranked when you use these phrases are determined by how grammatically correct they are and if they make complete sense.

You can start using this technique with astounding results for whatever niche you care to use it. It will work for any hobby, business or interest because this method goes straight to the source of the traffic: what people are actually searching for. It is really that simple!

Find interesting phrases that you relate to in the sense that you know that your entry sounds like something someone would ask or enter. It’s important that your keyword or words make sense. Just ask yourself if you believe that what you are about to type in the search engine box is a word or phrase that you would use, and that you believe looks like a natural question or phrase.

I’m not making this stuff up. Google has ALWAYS been about the business of finding and rewarding quality content that provides a great user experience. All of their updates are designed to two things: continue to improve upon that and to continue to devalue web pages that are not helpful to the user or are trying to game Google into giving them a higher ranking.

The bottom line: creating quality content wins (article from Google).

Again, it’s important that your keyword or words make sense and are grammatically correct. And they are spelled correctly. This is because the search engines are ranking pages based upon the best relevance to the keywords. Low relevancy content will not have favor compared to words and phrases that make sense to the search algorithms.

Okay, let’s get started.


How I Decided the Title for this Post

I thought that I would like to write a post on how to search for keywords. So, I decided that the best way to do this would be to show you my thought process and how I arrived at my decisions. That’s always more interesting, right? So, what follows is how I landed on the keyword phrase/post title. From there, the entire body of the post is written in such a way that is completely relevant to those words.

I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I am enjoying writing this!


I Settled on a Keyword Phrase

The first thing I decided to do was to settle on a keyword phrase or two that I really liked and maybe I could search for similar wording. The beautiful part about this method is that the Google search engine can do some great ‘leg work’ for you. So, I typed my first keyword phrase into Google: ‘finding keywords for your website’.Finding Keywords for Your Website

You probably know that when you type a word or phrase into the Google search bar that suggestions come below what you have typed. These are actual words and phrases that people have typed into Google.

You can use this to further expand your searches and find more interesting phrases that maybe you hadn’t thought about.

So, including my first phrase, I wrote down all of the other suggestions shown in the Google picture above. In the end, I decided that I wanted to explore my first phrase further. So, I went to the Jaaxy search tool and entered it.


I Used My Favorite Keyword Tool

The Jaaxy search tool gives me the average number of searches, the traffic that a first page listing might expect and the number of websites that are using the same keyword (the competition for Finding Keywords for Your Websiteranking). It gives me other great information, too, like a brainstorm function that suggests many different variations that I can explore.

No matter what keyword I choose, I’m really concentrating in three areas that are the critical basis for great keyword usage.

  • They make sense
  • They have some traffic
  • The QSR (Quoted Search Results or competition) is below 300

Why these three areas? Because when I observe the first critical (they make sense) and write all of the relevant content around these words, the competition begins to melt away and the actual traffic means higher possible eyeballs on my site.

So, in this case the phrase really makes good sense and has some decent traffic (145) with a large number of searches (849). And the competition is fairly low (42). So the more relevant I write to the title, the more I am rewarded with higher ranking for that searched phrase. The lower the competition, the faster this can happen.


I Explore a Second Possible Keyword Phrase

I want to find the best set of words that help me convey what I want to write. On the flip side, if I find a great title, I will simply write relevant words to that title. Either way, I really need to write in a natural and normal way that complements the natural and normal language of the title.Finding Keywords for Your Website

Anyway, I want to see if there’s another title that looks better to me. So, I use the Google search engine again for a different phrase, one from the first set of suggestions, shown on the right.

And, you see the other words that Google has suggested (from people searching this similar phrase). So, I write down all of these suggestions.

I decide to use the first set of words of this search, so it’s time to use my trusty keyword tool. They’re very similar phrases, so this is going to be interesting.



Jaaxy Gives me the Results

I want to see how this second phrase compares to the results of the first. I am always curious when I see the word ‘best’ in a search. They seem to often bring up some great numbers. I plug it in to the Jaaxy search box, and…

Oh! I get what is known as Low Hanging Fruit. The average searches and traffic are below 10, and the competition is still really a nice number at 46. It’s known as Low Hanging Fruit because if you write around these titles, you are almost guaranteed to be ranked on the first page of the search engines for this search. Traffic below 10 doesn’t mean there isn’t any traffic.

This is often really great because you have the opportunity to create and increase the relevancy for everything that you write around these titles. When you write in a relevant way, most everything that you write can become searchable phrases. You are actually creating your own keyword ranking destiny!

So, this one is a possibility. It’s a great phrase that makes good sense. I could also have possibly chosen some of the other suggestions that Jaaxy gave me on this list.


My Decision

The end result was that I decided to stick with my first option, the title of this post. I liked it a little better than the second one. I liked it a bit better because it seems like a very natural phrase typed into a search engine. And, it really has pretty good numbers. So, my chances of being rewarded are pretty good, provided that I pay attention to my content and keep the vast majority of it relevant.

The second choice, and several of the other suggestions given me by Jaaxy, would not have been a bad choice. The only real ‘red flags’ about staying away from certain phrases is when you choose phrases that are not grammatically correct – they don’t ring as complete or aren’t natural and normal – or when the competition numbers are too high (you run the risk of not climbing in the rankings and making it to the first page of the search engines).


Why I Chose What I Chose

So, I went with what sounded to me and read to me like a great question or thought that I just knew were words that people would actually use.  I just used my natural instincts to guide me and asked myself if I would use those words.

Sure, some of the words that are in search engines are NOT grammatically correct or aren’t spelled the right way. And you’ll see search numbers for those. They may be in there, and people do actually talk or type in that way.

Just remember that the search engine algorithms are designed for ranking your published page according to the relevancy of the supporting content of your keyword phrase. The language needs to be natural, normal and grammatically correct.

Use the misspelled or incomplete words and phrases from your searches to help you decide the best way of saying your chosen topic for the title!



Where I Learned About Finding Keywordswa_uncover_secrets_250x250

I am very grateful to have been taught these basics by the best in the business, Wealthy Affiliate.  Kyle and Carson, the owners are phenomenal and very helpful. There are thousands of people who are literally all on the same page at WA as far as the basics.


Get More Info

There is a method in finding keywords for your website. Please visit my full review page of Wealthy Affiliate to learn more. And also look into the Jaaxy search tool for a complete working companion for your website.

Thanks for reading,


I would really appreciate your comments below! They mean so much and help make this website what it is. Please share this post!



Steve Cass at createwealthonline.comAbout Steve. 

A working guitarist, guitar designer, songwriter, worship leader and online entrepreneur, I have discovered that the key to online success (and success is more than money) is simply to focus on helping people be successful.


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  1. Derek Marshall


    Hi there,

    Great site and a very interesting look at how website owners choose and select their keywords and of course get an idea for which to create an article around.

    Jaaxy does seem to be pretty interesting tool, for me it has the huge advantage of being created by two experienced marketers and bloggers, making it a great choice but how does it weigh up aginst heavyweights such as long tail pro?

    • Steve Cass


      Hi Derek–

      Long Tail Pro looks like a very interesting tool for keywords. It looks like it portrays some important metrics for searching and finding good phrases. However, I think that it may give too much information that is not helpful to the entrepreneur.

      I don’t want to dismiss it as useless, but I want to point out that they offer a feature that somehow calculates potential profitability due to selected keywords. I think that this feature is very misleading, when the potential profit actually depends on the writer’s ability to:

      1) create a website that by it’s writing style and graphics (user experience) helps with conversions

      2) create a writing style that is highly RELEVANT to the chosen keywords

      As you say, Jaaxy does have the huge advantage of being created by two very experienced marketers, making it a great choice. But the reason it’s also such a great choice is because these same marketers have generated a community in Wealthy Affiliate completely around the two points listed above. Jaaxy doesn’t have all of the fluff and bells and whistles that Long Tail Pro has because it’s built around promoting the above two points.

      I really appreciate you stopping by and giving comment.


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    • Reply

      Hi schoolingtips–

      Thanks for your kind words. For me, I have been writing for a long time. I guess that you could say that my word structure stems from a true desire to communicate well. I’ve been writing and blogging for probably 25 years. I’m also a songwriter, which helps as far as understanding structure.

      Your comment and link back are really key: your educational site goes hand-in-hand with the real need to create content that is grammatically correct because that is a very huge way in which the search engines rank sites.

      It’s not that grammatically correct counts for everything in life, but your content is ranked depending on how RELATIVE it is compared to your keywords. Please pass along this info to your peers!

      This web site is fantastic because of the ease of making your own website these days. This website is made through Wealthy Affiliate where there are literally thousands of free website templates from which to choose.

      Check out Create a Website in under 30 Seconds. Keeping your website sparse and clean with the right colors and making it easy to read is the key!

      For even better info, please check out my blog here What is the Best Free Website Builder — The One That Helps You Imagine.

      Wealthy Affiliate is a online university for learning how to create good content! The natural writing skills are up to you to bring to the table. But to discover what to do next, please visit Wealthy Affiliate today!

      Thanks for reading,

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