Build Traffic and Rankings – How to Get More Traffic on My Website

Build Traffic and Rankings – How to Get More Traffic on My WebsiteConnected1


After you’ve built the basic shell and basic content of your site, it’s time to think about how to build traffic to your new online niche house and get higher rankings for your content. This is step 3 in a four step process of the philosophy of Wealthy Affiliate:

  1. Build a Niche Website
  2. Create Helpful and Relevant Content
  3. Get Traffic and Rankings
  4. Monetize Your Site

How to Generate Traffic for Your Website – Create Helpful and Relevant Content

Although this is Step 3, in reality you are constantly in steps 1 and 2 with visits to step 3 on a regular basis! You’re going to spend a good amount of time creating helpful, thoughtful and relevant content.  You’ll want to plan to interact with your customers to help build trust.  The more transparent and trusting your customers feel you are, the more they will feel comfortable in visiting your site.  I can’t mention this enough, because you can try and gain all the traffic you’d like, but unless you have a trustworthy environment and have established relationships with your customers, they will just go somewhere else.

This is not only the right thing to do for business, it’s the right thing to do in order to attract search engine rankings.  Don’t get hung up on the idea that you have to become a writer. Think of yourself as a communicator between the products and your friends.  You’re helping a friend understand more about the particular niche that you’re building the site around.

Always take the approach that you’re helping someone to better understand your niche.


Getting Traffic and Rankings

get-website-trafficCreating helpful content, targeted around keywords, is what is going to drive eyeballs to your website.    This is going to create high traffic count because search engines reward this type of content with high rankings.  Think helpful = hopeful.  It’s not like the earlier days of the internet where only all of the slick marketing caught all the eyeballs and clicks.

Sure, good marketing techniques will always remain and will catch eyeballs, but the eyeballs and clicks that are being retained are due to content creators who have concluded that being helpful wins.

Google knows that writing relevant and helpful content is king and completely agrees with this. The algorithms of Google and all other search engines are designed to reward the webpages that are most relevant to the search word or phrase with an increase of traffic.

I have a more complete guide to using helpful and relevant content while using a keyword tool in the article What is a Keyword Search Tool?


Using Keywords for Search Engines – The Opportunity to Learn is Here Today

Wealthy Affiliate has created a complete guide and tools to walk you through this.  You can begin for free!  You can stay a free member and learn from the first 10 lessons and be very successful, or become a paying member and have the floodgates of advanced knowledge held wide open for you today.  Your call.


Get More Info

See the advantages of each membership listed HERE. Get started with your free membership and websites HERE.

Creating high traffic and rankings in the search engines presents many opportunities.  As you utilize the correct keywords, the search engines rank your pages higher and higher. Because you gain in higher traffic, you gain even more authority with the search engine.

wealthy_affiliate_going_upCorrectly searching for keywords and the training for how they are best used is something that is included with your free membership!  As my sister-in-law loves to say: “What’s not to love!?”

I want to thank you for reading this far and for trusting me!  See the next post on the four pillars: Monetize Your Site.

Create comments on your experiences with internet marketing or ask questions below.  Please share this post!

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Steve Cass at createwealthonline.comAbout Steve. 

A working guitarist, guitar designer, songwriter, worship leader and online entrepreneur, I have discovered that the key to online success (and success is more than money) is simply to focus on helping people be successful.


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  1. troy


    I have been a Wealthy Affiliate now for about four months now and have found this program to be one of the best investments I have ever made.

    With all the training available to you and a great social network community who are there to help you succeed along the way is the reason why I have stuck this out and will continue to pursue my dreams of success.

    Wealthy Affiliate is My #1 Recommendation for anyone who wants to start their own business online

  2. Ian


    Hi Steve,
    Great post on Wealthy Affiliate. Not only do they teach you how to get rankings and increase traffic but they also help you get your site set up. You can buy domains directly through WA and the hosting is free which is in itself a great deal.
    Thanks for sharing this and keep up the good work.

    • Steve Cass


      Hi Ian–

      It is such a good deal to investigate. It costs so little for the huge education value. Thanks for visiting the site.


  3. Lee


    Great information here. The layout and length of the page is perfect. Not so long as the visitor gets tired and clicks away before reading the content and yet just enough content to effectually inform what you are selling. The imagery does match the content and is laid out in a good way.

    • Steve Cass


      Thanks Lee. You definitely hit one of my main themes, that is, don’t make the piece so long that people file it under TLTR (too long to read) and then go away. I’ve got the same short attention span, so that’s probably what drives me. Thanks for reading!

  4. Sandy


    Great review of Wealthy Affiliate. As a member of the Wealthy Affiliate I would recommend it to everybody who wants to learn how to make money online with affiliate marketing. The WA is great, but you need to put a lot of work into it to work. Don’t think that you start making money easily just by buying this program. It isn’t make money quick scheme, but the honest program.

    • Steve Cass


      Absolutely not a make-money-quick scheme. It makes a lot of sense because it shows that you need to work to make it work. I like that. Thanks for reading, Sandy.

  5. Brahma


    Great article about Wealthy Affiliate. I have been a member of wealthy affiliate since last one month and learned about so many things about online business. Its a big university. You can increase traffic by using the people in the university. I strongly recommend your ideas. Your website theme is nice.

    • Steve Cass


      Thanks for reading, Brahma, much appreciated. All the best in your online endeavors, and I hope you can find all the info you need at WA. Have a great day.

  6. Chris


    After reading your article I think that maybe I’ve neglected to concentrate on the right areas of my content – aiming for the money instead of aiming to actually help people!
    Do many people make this mistake?
    Thanks for pointing out where I have been going wrong – time for a few edits I think!

    • Steve Cass


      Hi Chris–

      I think it’s so natural for you and for me the keep thinking about the money and how we’re going to make it with our sites…and that creeps into our writing.

      People don’t like sales talk, they want you to provide them the most helpful information you can – an often that means doing research within your niche so you can provide helpful information that you can see that is not being provided by other writers.

      The situation with writing helpful and relevant content isn’t just so we can be helpful. Of course, that’s important for gaining trust, but what I mean is that this is exactly what the search engines are looking for: helpful and relevant content. This is how they are ranking pages. They’re not ranking pages by how slick of a sales person you are, they are ranking your page by how people are responding to the info you provide and how relevant the information is to your chosen keyword.

      It goes deeper than this. The search engines aren’t going to rank your pages unless you’ve gained their trust (trust takes time) and unless you are becoming an authority in the niche (gaining people’s trust and becoming an authority in your niche also takes time). So, the only way that you can do both is by making sure that you are writing helpful and relevant content!

      So, you really aren’t going to sell a thing without gaining trust and becoming an authority. The reason why we concentrate so much on these two because as we write, we are creating new keywords and new traffic for our sites!

      Our page ranking destiny is really in our hands! I delve a little deeper into that with Finding Keywords for Your Website the Natural Way,

      The bottom line is that the world wide web is like the wild west. It’s a place without a curator. Google, Bing and Yahoo and other search engines have been trying to write code so that when people use their search engines, they find what they’re looking for.

      Enter ‘Blackhat’ SEO techniques, which are how SEO ‘experts’ and others have developed ways to trick search engines into going to their sites when people search for certain words.

      Well, just like the elimination of the bad guys of the old wild west in the US, Google and the others are slowly but surely coming up with code that thwarts this stuff (this is what the Penguin and other updates are all about with Google).

      ‘Whitehat’ SEO is what we do – write helpful and relevant content – and this is what is winning. It wins time after time. What is ‘Whitehat’ SEO? It’s YOU, writing relevant content.

      As you do, YOU are creating more and more relevant keywords and taking away the eyeball space in the search engines for the non-relevant search engine results.

      Keep up the great work, Chris. You can do this!


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