8 Ways to Avoid the Scams Online

8 Ways to Avoid the Scams Online


Way too many of us are cheated as we cruise the ‘net, looking for truth in advertising.  Here are 8 ways to avoid the scams online and two ways of action.

The vast majority of what we see are lies designed to lure us in and spend our cash.  Probably well over 90%StopSignLying of us feel like we’ve been had, or if we follow this or that, we’ll BE had.

We are preyed upon because of our good nature to believe in people and our desire to make some real money.  Most of us want to make cash in legitimate ways, though.  I’d say most of us don’t want to scam others or be scammed.

Because none of us are immune to this, I wanted to help.  I wanted to write to you today to help you identify a black pit, an internet scam, so you could take action.

You can take action in one of two ways:  investigate or ignore.

Here are some specific items that you’ll see time and time again that should make you RUN…or at least make you wise enough to investigate so you can see for yourself that they’re not who they say they are.

For some of these offers, you’ll just call them an outright fraud.  Others you’ll call just selfish or misguided.  Others….eh, just not for you.



When you see some of this, you’ll be able to learn enough to take action (investigate / ignore):


1. Video Only – No Control Buttons

Oh my…we’re stupid, and marketers know this.  We’re captivated…no, intrigued…glued to see ‘what happens next’.  They’re counting on it.  If you see a video only with no controls, then these folks are betting that you are going to continue to sit there and listen to the entire thing, pushing your further and further down their sales funnel-trap.

Most of the time, they’re not providing any information about themselves, only their product…which if you ignore, you’ll be missing out on the next best thing since sliced bread.  Run!

Or at least, be aware of what you’re seeing:  watch if you truly desire to learn if what they say interests you, but keep your wallet out of site.

If it’s a video-only, it’s likely a scam.  Or the odds are very great that there’s not much in return for your money.


2. You see that there is no offer of personal trust from the owner

If there’s an offer on the internet but the person can’t give you contact information to the owner of said offer, don’t believe the hype that the ‘corporation is so huge that there’s no way you could connect with the CEO’.  Really???  Trust should be the number one thing established between the owner of an offer and the customer.

Look for this sign of personal trust from an owner.

Sure, there is such a thing as marketing products and services and using professional faces and good advertising techniques…then there’s just out-and-out deception and clear lies.  I know that you’ll eventually be able to see through these.

If you want to buy something from a website but that company doesn’t offer an easy way of contacting them, consider taking your business elsewhere.  If you DO contact a support team from a company and you don’t get a response, or the response you get is cheese (no offense, Land O’ Lakes), that’s a good sign to go to their competitor.


3. If the company has poor Customer Service

You should do some reviews on a company’s Customer Service.  Especially if your plan is to buy an expensive item. A real company is VERY interested in your satisfaction. Reading Scamreviews and one or more phone calls to them should help make your decision.

If you send an email to their Customer Service and there’s no response within 48 hours, they apparently don’t need your business.


4. They keep screaming ‘Guarantee!’

…or you keep seeing multiple references to 100% guarantee (or a bigger number).  Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely important for them to stand behind their products.  And it’s definitely market smarts to have a guarantee, ’cause that’s what you’re looking for.

But if they have to keep screaming it at you, they’re only trying to fill you with a false sense of security and want to eliminate that from any objections you might have.  Any good company has a great guarantee of taking care of you or money back.  Look for it.

Don’t be swayed by being beat over the head with guarantees, especially 60 day guarantees.  It might be a good product, but I don’t like this sales tactic.  It throws up red flags for me. Affiliate marketers are paid by many services at 60 days.  Just sayin’. Be wary.


5. Too low of a price for the quality offered

If all you see is a great product and a price that is way too low AND the only contact is a regular email account (gmail, hotmail, etc.), that’s touch-and-go.  If they couple this with an offer of only Western Union for payment, run from this scam.


6. They never answer your question ‘How much??’ as they keep pulling out teases

When the person keeps asking you questions, ‘How would you feel if…’, ‘Can you live with the fear of…’If you could ask one question…’ and they keep pulling at your emotions, it’s time to ask YOURSELF a question: “What sort of wool are they trying to pull over my eyes?”

A great product sells itself and really doesn’t need a ton of hype.

Sure, pulling on our emotions is just plain smart.  That’s the best marketing tactic of them all.  The authors of song, novels, Hollywood productions, video games (the list goes on) all know this and bank on this. That’s how it’s done.

When the script to selling a product doesn’t even let you breathe and wants to put you in an emotional tailspin, think long and hard before you spend your money.


7. Fat and bald guy in a jacuzzi with two blondes

It seems like even though everyone gets that this is most likely a scam or low possible return, so many people fall for it that the sellers of such stuff go for it anyway.  They figure it’s a numbers game and mosSanityInsanityKeyst of us suckers will pony up our hard earned dough just so we can watch the blonde chicks.

Or maybe watch the guy’s Ferrari in the background, I don’t know.  When the guy says, “I know the secret and today I want to give that secret to you”, run!!

Being surrounded by beautiful women and luxury stuff really does work in selling stuff.  But I saw through one of these guys and found the small nugget of gold that he had.

To me, that nugget of gold was his loss leader product, and I skipped all the rest.

Please read my review of Tai Lopez’ 67 Steps and decide for yourself.



8. Learn to Spot the Honest Deal

The previous steps are great ways to spot online thievery.  They don’t always work this way, but the percentages say that they do.  It’s the old ‘red flag!’ that should go up in front of your eyes.  Or at least the yellow flag of caution that leads to investigation.

The best defense is to stay informed.  If you really want a product or a service, BE PATIENT.  Look for the signs that you are being scammed and learn to spot those who are honest.  Or have a nugget of gold that you really want.

So as I say, just because it’s a marketing funnel page doesn’t make it a scam, but you can begin to listen to your gut and use some of the information in points 1 through 7 above to see if this particular funnel is leading you towards you parting with your hard earned money for very little or nothing in return.


The Real Deal and My #1 Recommendation

I believe that I have found the most honest deal on the internet.  It’s only my opinion of course, but I am definitely not alone.  I found a place that talks more about helping one another succeed. A true family with a massive library that provides absolutely every tool necessary to learn about success:  Wealthy Affiliate. Please read my review of Wealthy Affiliate here and make your opinion known in the comments below!

I have found Wealthy Affiliate to be the exact opposite of each of the previous seven points.

1) There is a TON of video instruction at Wealthy Affiliate, but absolutely none of them are the typical sales funnel.

2) The owners of Wealthy Affiliate are online with you every single day.  PERSONALLY (sure, they mostly take weekends off).

3) The company has the most responsive and helpful Customer Service you can imagine.

4) I don’t remember if I’ve ever seen the word ‘guarantee’.  Or if I have, it’s mentioned in the vein of guaranteeing that YOU have the power to succeed.

5) The prices that they have are no comparison to the wealth of information available.

They have a one-stop website and domain hosting service and a community support system that is amazing.  With the prices as low as they are, you’d expect the upsell coming around the corner.  BUT THAT UPSELL PITCH NEVER COMES.

As a matter of sacred fact, the number one rule about the community resources at Wealthy Affiliate is that there is absolutely NO selling of any kind allowed within the community.  The only selling that happens is what is told to you right up front.  Everything is completely up front.

6) The tease maneuver is completely dead to all involved with Wealthy Affiliate. And you will know EXACTLY what kind of costs you’ll be getting into right up front.

The tease maneuver is just not what the owners or anyone else involved with the community does.  The only sales tactics used whatsoever involve encouragement from so many people on the very same page as you!

You will be told time and time again that YOU completely have the power and can become a very successful member of wa_successful_business_160x600Wealthy Affiliate. A great product sells itself.

7) You’re never going to see point number 7 above at Wealthy Affiliate.  I’m not even going to say anything else about it.

A Single Purpose

The community exists for one purpose:  to help each other succeed with the skills that each of us possess. Wealthy Affiliate is a community dedicated to showing you that you can be very successful by sharing your unique knowledge with others.  You can be very successful by learning and writing about what you do best. Or about what you know.


The Bottom Line

The entire point is that you will be successful building niche websites by being completely honest and a completely trustworthy person.  Why?  Because you are going to become an authority in your niche and people really trust those who know what they’re talking about.  All the search engines are listening and learning to real people and what real honest people want.

The following links are internal links to my website that speak to each of the subjects.

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Understand how to write in such a way, and the kind of free promotion that you can do to generate organic traffic to your website. There are some amazing, and free, tools at Wealthy Affiliate, including a free keyword search tool. And a HUGE knowledge base from which to do research on how to succeed.

Monetize Your Site

Once you’ve begun to build your site and learned how to get organic traffic to it, it’s time to begin learning how to monetize your site.

It’s just that simple.  You are completely in control.  No, it’s not simple to be successful, but getting started and understanding how to own the concept is very simple and freeing.

It’s a good feeling to have complete control with your online web presence.


Get More Info

I Found the Honest Deal!

I found the most honest deal offered online!  My saved list of keywords are really ranking well in Google right now.  This page is doing very well.

You should join me there and use the same keyword tool!

Thanks for reading this.  The fact that you have tells me that you’re interested in staying away from scams.  You’ll fit right in at WA.

All the best to you today!!




Steve Cass at createwealthonline.comAbout Steve. 

A working guitarist, guitar designer, songwriter, worship leader and online entrepreneur, I have discovered that the key to online success (and success is more than money) is simply to focus on helping people be successful.


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  1. Paul


    Excellent article. I’ve come across all the bad things you pointed out and some of them took my money as well.

    Just a suggestion, if you don’t mind. It’s a lot of reading and I have to admit I sort of skimmed some parts. More pictures might help, but perhaps you’re leaving more pictures out so you can emphasize the link to Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Steve Cass


      Hi Paul–

      Yep. My money has been taken as well. I think that has to be a part of the learning process.

      And, no I don’t mind the suggestion at all. As a matter of fact, I am learning to find the balance between the correct number of pictures and wordiness. And as a writer, I expect some skimming and so like to have a strong summary. Thanks for the comments, and I believe that time is a great teacher on this.

  2. Kenny Lee


    The moment I see any program or marketer utter the word “guarantee”, I’ll look for the catch, always. Once bitten, twice shy. I know some marketers who would prey for the buyers emotions and vulnerabilities. That’s unethical, but that’s how some people do business.

    At Wealthy Affiliate, it’s all about learning, honesty and working hard. You are right that there is no “guarantee” or anything in similar terms there. It’s a great online platform and community to grow with.

    • Steve Cass



      I actually believe that the word ‘guarantee’ gives me shivers to hear! Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

  3. JoshyT


    Hey Steve, thanks for writing this article. I my experience, there is a hell of a lot of BS out there, and the problem is, a lot of people will smell the BS even when it’s not there.

    I’m really glad that I read your article, as I myself have been drawn in by what I now know to be BS cons, such as “video-only” websites. I feel a LOT more equipped to spotting the scams now then I was previously.

    I’ve heard a fair bit about Wealthy Affiliate, but I’ve been reluctant to want to part cash with, them for obvious reasons. Having read you article I now feel more assured that they are the real deal.

    All the best bud 🙂

    • Steve Cass


      Hey Joshy–

      For sure, there is A MAJOR MASS of BS out there. And your second point about the problem with people smelling it when it’s not even there is a major problem for the good stuff that’s out there.

      It’s really tough to sift through it all, but I’m like you and curious. I find it to be important to stretch the brain and be able to smell things for what they are…pan for gold.

      I know that spending cash and what things actually cost is a relative thing: what’s small for someone else is a huge amount. But I find that the value given with WA far exceeds trying to navigate the world of website creation/hosting/seo with all of the fees out there than trying learn without it.

      Take care, and hope all goes well for you today.

  4. Minhaj


    Excellent article, so many scams online, I think its more than likely that if you are a nnewbie and looking t make money online, scammers would be the first people you encounter because they promise the world and deliver rubbish.I wish I had articles like this so that I could spot the red flags in these online systems.
    Had a little chuckle with the ‘bald guy in a jacuzzi and two blondes’ lol.

    • Steve Cass


      Hi Minhaj–

      Thanks for your kind words. I guess there’s really no teacher about this stuff other than to get scammed yourself a time or two. Call it the school of hard knocks!

      Thanks for stopping by.


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